Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) receives 200000th blood units as of today

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Hyderabad, 10th September 2022: Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) a registered non-profit organization at TSCS, Hyderabad has today registered 2,00,000th blood units as on today from donors. Since the inception of TSCS, the donors have always been supportive and today helped the society to reach this milestone.

Thalassemia is a genetic, incurable blood disorder, which is preventable. TSCS is the only organization in the world that is serving more than 3200patients under one roof. Thalassemia warriors are getting the best treatment here, TSCS not only has blood transfusion here, but the doctors thoroughly examine the patients and do all possible help with counseling. Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) is very expensive but the only treatment for Thalassemia, TSCS is doing it for free with the help from donors under CSR activities; the Telangana government is supporting it through Aarogyasree. TSCS is working seriously on eradicating of Thalassemia with several voluntary organizations.

In Telangana, mainly in the most neglected areas around Hyderabad, Khammam, and Mahbubnagar is having regular HbA2 testing, a G.O is required to make HbA2 testing mandatory for all pregnant women, Government Public Health Centers, gynecologists, and hospitals can also be instructed to do this test.

Speaking about the meeting TSCS President Shri. Chandrakant Agarwal said that “We are very delighted to achieve 2,00,000th number of blood donations so far from the donors, these units really matter for us as they save the Thalassemia patient’s life.  On behalf of the Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) entire team would like to thank each and every person who has come forward voluntarily for donating bloodWe are looking forward to a much bigger number of blood units from the donors to eradicate this blood disorder to make India “Thalassemia free”.

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