Stomach ulcer & piles cases increased due to wrong & self medication in Lockdown period

Dr. Nitin Tawte from Terna Speciality Hospital & Research Centre, Nerul Navi Mumbai

Mumbai- COVID is killed by heat! That is why our bodies create fever to fight it off, if you drink Turmeric powder (Haldi) regularly you will never be corona positive and many such remedies and social media post you must have heard during lockdown period but side effect of all wrong remedies are now troubling a lot of citizens in town. As per observation by Terna Speciality Hospital & Research centre from Navi Mumbai there is 20 to 30 % increases in cases of acidity, stomach ulcer and also constipation and piles due to various measures taken by people in lockdown period without consulting doctors like immunity boosters and other self medication. These medications actually don’t prevent corona as per medical study but it generates a lot of side effects on the human body.

Giving more information on this Dr. Nitin Tawte, Laparoscopic, Endoscopic and Piles Surgeon from Terna Speciality Hospital & Research Centre said, “The various medications taken by patients without medical supervision are having harmful effects on the body. I have seen increased cases of stomach ulcer and acidity in the lockdown period and even now. There are cases who present with bleeding through rectum because of irritation of inner skin and formation of piles and ulcer, they have burning in the stomach and in the chest which gets relieved with antacids. Many patients have required endoscopy who didn’t respond to medicines. Stomach ulcer and internal injury to stomach and intestines can only be diagnosed with upper or lower gastrointestinal endoscopy. Many covid patients have stomach and intestinal manifestations like loose motions and pain abdomen. So it is very essential to report to your surgeon or gastroenterologist to get the condition evaluated and to differentiate between covid and non covid stomach problems.“

Corona is a disease which spreads by respiratory droplets and to those who come in close contact with an infected person. So speaking from my experience it is better not to take any medication without doctor’s supervision and follow a strict and healthy dietary schedule. Covid will not go away so fast. So everyone has to take precautions to protect himself and his family by social distancing, wearing proper masks and avoiding crowded places. Make sure your doctor knows about all the medicines you take. This includes those prescribed by other doctors, as well as vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, and over-the-counter drugs you use every now and then, added by Dr. Nitin Tawte from Terna Speciality Hospital & Research Centre, Nerul Navi Mumbai.

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