OlvDew: A passion for Liquid Gold

OlvDew: A passion for Liquid GoldOlvDew a well-known emerging brand is a one-stop solution to healthy living with healthy cooking oil. It is a brand providing organic extra virgin olive oil.

OlvDew products also have a lot of Health Benefits. It helps in protecting against type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, osteoporosis and reduces high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, heart problems, and gastric acidity. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, treating rheumatoid arthritis, eliminating fat, strengthening cell walls, and boosts hair and skin health, and increases metabolism. 

With ever-rising olive oil demands, OlvDew is here with the motive to unshackle you from all the confusion and provide you with India’s Finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: OlvDew. Their raw olives are harvested from the finest orchards across the globe. OlvDew comes with a lot of herby aromas such as grass, fig, and tomato with a slight nuance of spiciness and bitterness. The combination of Amino & Fatty Acids and Vitamin E & K present in OlvDew make it quintessential to have in your kitchen for a fit body and glowing persona. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory quality in the oil are bonus health benefits. They ardently strive to bring to you a golden, shimmering bottle of the Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: OlvDew.

Hailing from the Sarvrakaar House of Dehngiri, Pratapgarh, Himanshu Srivastava Devsare Founder and CEO of OlvDew started it on 22nd May 2020. Himanshu strongly felt the need for organic extra virgin olive oil for India, considering it as the finest and healthiest oil for cooking, OlvDew is ardently striving to provide the finest quality organic extra virgin olive oil at every doorstep.

Himanshu is also involved in many social activities in health, environment, education, and upliftment of the required section of the society via Munshiyain Balraj Kanwar Foundation.

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