Medkart redefining landscape of affordable healthcare in India


The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of overall healthcare and well-being. In India, access to affordable healthcare is far from reality. Recent studies have concluded that about 36% of people never receive a bill from chemists. 32% believe medicines are dispensed by unqualified pharmacists. 63% don’t receive proper counselling of medicine dosage at the chemist. 48% report multiple visits to pharmacies to procure all medicines. Although 68% of people personally visit the physical medical stores, they seem to be unsatisfied with the services at the counter.

Cost is another major concern. Most chemists selling branded products, which are sold at a higher price compared to generic drugs, is another turn-off for consumers. Marketing, supply chain and logistic expenses drive up the costs of medicines that have a defined shelf life. The high cost of medicines has always been a deterrent to the elderly in seeking treatment, leading to delays and aggravating health problems. Thus, reduced medicine costs and easy availability is the way forward to affordable healthcare.

Major pain points of consumers, such as the information about generics, the authenticity of products, easy accessibility, and availability of medicines, privacy, free counselling and affordability are being efficiently tapped by pharmacies such as Medkart. Founded in 2014 with a vision to redefine the healthcare space, Medkart has over 60+ stores in Gujarat and is delivering to over 1000+ cities in India. It has become the largest range of 1500+ molecules in generic drugs, more than any generic medical store across Gujarat. It also offers branded medicines at a much lesser price while efficiently spreading awareness on the significance of generic medicines which have the same dosage and compositions as the branded medicines. By spending Rs 100 on Medkart, a customer saves Rs 15 on branded medicines whereas the one who shifts to generic medicines enjoys an average savings of 65-90 percent.

They sell GENERIC MEDICINES that are manufactured at WHO GMP-approved plants/units. With the target to open 200+ stores in Top 4 cities in Gujarat and a total of 900+ stores across Western India, Medkart aims to become a reputed player and revolutionize affordable healthcare in the country.

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