Medical Dialogues launches the First Digital Medical News Channel in the country

Medical Dialogues launches the First Digital Medical News Channel in the country

New Delhi: Medical Dialogues, one of the most preferred medical News Portal in India has announced the launch of MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV).MDTV is the first digital platform/channel to provide medical news and updates to the medical fraternity in video format.

The platform has a number of shows catering to different needs of medical practitioners and will see daily and weekly programs, including Medical News Today, Health News Today, MD Journal Club, MD Shorts, Diagnosis by Symptoms, Medico-Legal Updates, Health Dialogues, Medicine Chronicles and many more. There are also specialty-wise updates catering to the information and education needs of different kinds of medical specialists.

Through these programs, MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV) brings relevant information to medical and healthcare professionals and will also help doctors to know all advancements in the medical science and Pharma sector. In addition, MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV) will provide all the latest medical studies, treatments, and guidelines that will ensure effective and fast treatment.

“At Medical Dialogues, our focus has been to promote medical journalism and empower medical professionals by providing them authentic and up-to-date medical news. India is the largest consumer of video content. Further, there seems to be a plethora of fake content and medical information around the net. With MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV), we will aim to provide doctors with summaries of Evidence-based Medicine, Expert Commentaries, etc to enable them to make better-informed decisions while patient treatment. By launching MDTV medical dialogues has taken a further step to spread the medical news and information in an easier and more understandable way.” said Dr. Prem Aggarwal, Co-founder, and Chairman, of Medical Dialogues. 

The MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV) can be accessed on the news portal (, on the youtube channel (, and also on the Medical Dialogues App. Besides catering to the news needs of the doctors, the platform will also act as an OTT platform for the medical education of doctors.

“We are in the process of tying up with leading medical associations and hospitals across the country to help then run their own medical channels within the MDTV (Medical Dialogues TV) setup. This will allow them to run their programs digitally and not only reach out to their members but also to a wider audience of Medical Dialogues,” said Meghna A. Singhania, Editor-in-Chief of Medical Dialogues.

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