Made in India respiratory mask Ventipeep – a savior during COVID-19

Made in India respiratory mask Ventipeep - a savior during COVID-19

Ventipeep, a revolutionary respiratory mask has been saving more than 1200 lives of COVID-19 patients across major hospitals in the country since its launch on the 1st of July, 2020. Introduced by Flextool Equipment Pvt. Ltd. after successful trials at Nair & Hinduja hospitals in Mumbai, Ventipeep is a new age respiratory mask, developed to administer supplemental oxygen (medically referred to as FiO2). It is not only utilized in ICU wards but is also extremely useful in regulating the oxygen levels in COVID-19 & ARDS patient wards. The mask is an excellent aid to small hospitals which lack infrastructure as it helps reduce the time needed for treatment and can be used in any ward of the hospital.

At a glance, the Ventipeep is a twin port mask. However to differentiate, the new mask has a first of its kind high flow oxygen driver that can take care of High Flow Oxygen Therapy, replacing the HFNO Machine and also a PEEP valve that can control the Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) in the lungs of the patient, allowing the equipment to work like a BiPAP with a High Flow Oxygen Therapy System. High flow oxygen reduces the black spots in the windpipe and replaces all carbon content with oxygen. PEEP maintains positive pressure in the lungs, allowing it to exchange the gases at the faster rate.

Termed as a miracle device by eminent doctors across India, Ventipeep is used as a non-invasive ventilator. Normally a Ventilator / BiPAP / CPAP & other treatments require experts and are expensive. Hospitals have a limited number of devices and can be used on a limited number of patients. In the present scenario, the demand for ICU beds is extremely high. Approximately, 35% of COVID-19 patients have required a ventilator during treatment. Ventipeep can be used on a regular hospital bed and does not require an ICU bed, does not need the intervention of an expert and can be operated by any non-medical staff as well. Therefore, it considerably reduces cost of operation, unlike a ventilator. As compared to treatment with ventilators, Ventipeep assures higher lifesaving capacity.

“Owing to the lockdown and its worsening scenario, we envisaged creating a revolutionary product to address the lack of a solution to the challenges faced by the ICU wards and the overall medical infrastructure of India. Along with Dr. Parthiv Shah – TB Chest Specialist, we developed a high flow oxygen therapy to create a prototype, which could be used without an HFNO machine in any ward of a hospital, in the month of May.”, says Purvang Shah, Director. Once the mask was tested and found to be useful for COVID-19 patients, Purvang started manufacturing Ventipeep in small batches. Currently, this respiratory mask is gaining the attention of hospitals to save lives of patients admitted to the ICU and most importantly, COVID-19 patients. Apart from hospital wards, Ventipeep can be utilized as a life saving device in ambulances during emergencies.

“The idea is to reduce the fatality rate and improve the recovery rate of COVID & ARDS Patients in India and across the world. As we continue our quest to develop innovative products for the betterment of healthcare in our country, we anticipate the active participation of private & public hospitals, government, institutes, medical and para medical fraternity. Our goal is to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ by manufacturing medical devices made in India, thereby reducing dependence on imports and giving an impetus to exports.”, adds Purvang.


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