Kauvery Hospital Launches 15 State-of-the-Art Ambulances through KARES Initiative

kares photoBengaluru, September, 2023 – Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City a Quaternary care hospital equipped with a comprehensive Emergency Department prioritizes saving lives, including those of the economically challenged. In the presence of Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Head of Neurosurgery at Kauvery Institute of Neurosciences, Dr. Prabhakara Reddy, HOD Emergency Care at Kauvery Hospital, Executive Director Dr. S. Vijayabaskaran, and the Shri Jayaram Raipura, Special Commissioner, BBMP & Secretary-2 to Hon’ble CM of Karnataka, ‘KARES – Kauvery Ambulance Responsive and Emergency Service’ was officially inaugurated at Kauvery Hospital in Electronic City. This initiative launched 15 advanced ambulances; Kauvery Hospital Emergency Department has an impressive track record of dispatching an ambulance within 120 seconds of receiving a call. In order to service a larger audience and in the interest of saving precious time Kauvery Hospitals aims to station these ambulances strategically at all the prime locations within 10kms of its catchment.

This initiative prioritizes swift and precise intervention for stroke, cardiac, spine, and head injuries, particularly through advanced radiology and a team of neuro and cardiac sciences experts who are prepared round the clock. Our strategic goal is to position advanced ambulances for rapid response and transport to nearby hospitals, ensuring timely diagnosis and reducing/ preventing disability. Globally, 12.2 million people experience strokes and more cardiac problems yearly, and Kauvery Hospital’s emergency department has successfully treated about 2.25% of its footfalls for Stroke, and 2.50% for cardiac and road traffic accidents. “KARES” is more than an ambulance service; it’s a lifeline for timely emergency management. In the critical “golden hour,” where every second matters, we aim to be your beacon of hope.

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Head of Neurosurgery, at Kauvery Institute of Neurosciences, shared his enthusiasm for this expansion, stating, “Kauvery Hospital has long been consistently delivering quality outcomes in Neurosciences proof being the satisfied patients who have recovered and leading purposeful life. With this increased fleet, we can now provide even quicker access to critical care for stroke, spine, and brain injury cases. Our specialized expertise in these areas ensures that patients receive accurate diagnosis and world-class care from the moment they call for help until they are safely in our hands.”

Dr. Prabhakara Reddy, HOD, of Accident & Emergency Care at Kauvery Hospital, further emphasized the importance of our swift response times, stating, “The golden hour in emergency medicine is critical. Our ability to dispatch ambulances immediately is extremely crucial. It saves lives and minimizes the risk of long-term complications. Our Emergency Department is primed to ensure critical patients have zero waiting time and receive the highest quality care during critical moments.”

Our Executive Director, Dr. S. Vijayabaskaran, echoed these sentiments, saying, “The launch of KARES at this scale is not just about adding ambulances; it’s about adding hope, further reinforcing the trust, and saving lives. It’s about reaffirming our commitment to our community’s well-being and ensuring they have access to the best care possible when seconds count. KARES with a larger ambulance fleet will not only allow us to serve promptly to the communities in the electronic city but beyond this region”.

Shri Jayaram Raipura, Special Commissioner, BBMP & Secretary-2 to Hon’ble CM of Karnataka, said, “I am honored to be joined with Kauvery Hospital in this groundbreaking initiative that redefines emergency medical services. Their commitment to safety and rapid response underscores their dedication to safeguarding lives and enhancing the well-being of our community.”

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