Apex Superspeciality Hospitals doctors remove 3 Kg tumour from chest after 6 hours of surgery

Apex Superspeciality Hospitals doctors remove 3 Kg tumour from chest after 6 hours of surgery

Chest tumour

Mumbai- With the corona pandemic going on, people have been visiting hospitals only in cases of life-threatening diseases, or if they are in insufferable pain. However, delaying or avoiding treatment is making their conditions worse. Delayed diagnosis cancer meant going for some months without treatment and a higher risk for developing complications in the near future In the same line Apex super speciality hospital doctors have saved the life of 65 years old female from virar. Mrs. Reshma Khanna, (Name changed) from Virar presented with complaints of progressive breathlessness and intermittent chest pain over the period of last 8 months since lockdown and on evaluation with a CT scan showed a large tumour of around 25 cms in size in the left side of chest. She was admitted in Apex Super speciality hospital in Borivali with acute onset breathlessness under Dr. Aditya Manke Onco-surgeon guidance and a PET scan was done which showed a large tumour in the left side of the chest near the heart and compressing the whole of her lungs. She was requiring oxygen support because of the compression of the left lung due to the large tumour.

While giving more information Dr. Aditya Manke consultant Onco-surgeon said, “After examining all reports and patient conditions we planned critical surgery where the chest wall was opened, and the large football sized tumour was separated and removed from the left lung and the heart which was very critical and challenging also. The cancerous tumour which was removed weighed around 3kgs. As soon as the tumour was removed her left lung expanded well and her respiratory support was also reduced. The critical surgery went for around 6 hours and the post-surgery patient was shifted to ICU and was removed from mechanical ventilator support on the next day and subsequently shifted to ward on the 2nd day. Dr. Zaki Bellary, Dr Shardul Malkani and anesthetist Dr Sagar Gaikwad were part of this successful operation. Patient was discharged on the 7th day without any complications. The patient has been diagnosed with a very rare tumour called as Malignant Fibrous tumour and around only 800 cases have been reported in the global medical literature till now. Malignant fibrous tumours (SFT) are extremely rare mesenchymal tumors.”

Many patients are only reporting to hospitals when their conditions deteriorate as they are not reporting when it is in the mild stage This has been happening all over metro cities and we like to appeal to people to report symptoms of any diseases at the earliest added by Dr. Aditya Manke Consultant Onco-surgeon from Apex Superspeciality Hospitals, Borivali.

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