Whistling Woods International School Of Event Management Decodes Entrepreneurship And The Future Of Event Management With Industry Veteran, Roshan Abbas

Event Masterclass WWI 1

Mumbai, April 2022: Whistling Woods International (WWI) School of Event Management recently hosted a masterclass with multi-faceted media & event veteran, Roshan Abbas. The exclusive session focused on ‘Journey of an Event Entrepreneur’ saw him trace and discuss his entrepreneurial journey with the students.

In conversation with WWI School of Event Management students, Roshan Abbas shared his experiences in the industry and useful insights for future entrepreneurs. “You can maintain offices if you have processes. Remember this, build processes through your life. Anything that you do and do well, and somebody appreciates, can be a process,” he said on the importance of processes.

A graduate in Mass Communications, Roshan Abbas is a master storyteller, TV and radio host, producer, and event manager, amongst others. Having worked in different areas of media and event management, he shared tips with young individuals looking to pursue a career in the respective industries. Roshan Abbas said, “When you start or join an agency, decide what is important to you. Earning money, learning experience, or profile building are the three things, people largely join an agency for. So, when you join an agency and want to do something specific once you join them, tell them.”

Roshan Abbas further recommended the students to make good use of internship opportunities to understand their area of interest. He believes that interns are great ambassadors of goodwill for a company.

Managing a company, colleagues, employees, and working relationships has provided Roshan Abbas with his fair share of learnings. He further said, “Value the people you work with. Pick your partners well. Your values and ethics must match each other. What you can build today is people, process, and products.”

Addressing the present situation and the new age of event management heralded by the pandemic, he emphasised the need for agile event models. “You are PPEM (post-pandemic event managers). You need to be technically sound and understand hybrid, live, broadcast events, and gamification to engage the online audience. Learn to live with the lower slice of profits and outsourcing capabilities,” he said as the masterclass concluded.


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