To cater to the DEI needs of Indian Corporates, Interweave Consulting & California’s Diversity Training University start off their 7th batch

New Delhi/Bengaluru, 5th September 2022: India’s leading DEI consulting firm Interweave Consulting in collaboration with Diversity Training University International, California (DTUI) has invited applications for the 7th batch of its Certified Diversity Professional Program (CDP). This has been announced with an aim to create a large pool of qualified DEI professionals to cater to the needs of Indian corporates, the program would enable a formal, internationally accredited platform of qualification in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

The program involves 25 weeks of online learning along with providing the learners with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Upon successful completion of the course, the participants would receive ‘Certified Diversity Professional Certification’ from Diversity Training University International, California. Previously, Interweave Consulting has successfully trained 6 batches of DEI professionals under this program. The firm is leveraging its experience of having successfully run this program in the past and is constantly adding newer dimensions of DEI strategic planning into the curriculum.

Billy Vaughn, PhD, Senior Managing Partner, Diversity Executive Leadership Academy, LLC said, “As DEI matures in Asia, providing graduates with strategic planning expertise will increase their influence in their roles and responsibilities.”

Commenting on this, Ruchira Gokhale, Head Consulting of Interweave Consulting said, “The growing need and awareness for an inclusive, fair and open workspace has encouraged Corporate India to accelerate the adoption of DEI measures. We have observed a strong need for qualified professionals who can take forward this work, equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools in this area. Interweave has been supporting and enabling organizations with solutions around managing diversity, enabling equity and building inclusive cultures and we have also been cognizant of our responsibility towards contributing to the domain itself.”

With this program, the students who graduate will have the benefit of continued learning from the large alumni group as well as other courses offered by DTUI. The program is entirely online and also provides access regardless of where someone is geographically located, and the fact there are no rigid eligibility criteria opens doors to even those who are aspiring to be a DEI champion. Notably, the scope of this course is not limited to India but includes Asia as a geography.

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