Students of MRG School Participate In Plastic Pollution Awareness Seminar

MRG School 10th June 2023: On the occasion of World Environment Day, students from MRG School, accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Pooja, attended a thought-provoking seminar on ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’ at the Indian Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road. The event aimed to generate awareness about the challenges of plastic waste management and explore innovative approaches for a cleaner and greener future.

The seminar featured esteemed keynote speakers and distinguished guests, including Mr. A.S. Sahney, Executive Director (Petrochemicals) from IOCL, Mr. S.K. Ray, Honorary Secretary of ICPE, Dr. Suneel Pandey, Director of Environment and Waste Management at TERI, and Mr. Sujoy Choudhary, Director (Petrochemicals and Business Development) from IOCL. Their presence added immense value as they shared insights, research, and success stories in combating plastic pollution.

The event provided a platform for the students to engage with environmental experts and thought leaders. The interactive session allowed them to learn about the various aspects of plastic usage in society and fostered a collaborative environment, inspiring and motivating them to take action.

“We are proud of our students’ enthusiasm and dedication to environmental sustainability. Attending this seminar has equipped them with valuable knowledge and insights to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution,” said Ms. Pooja.

MRG School remains dedicated to nurturing environmentally conscious global citizens. By encouraging students to participate in events like the ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’ seminar, the school aims to create a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

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