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Noida, 1 Aug 2022: PrepInsta, India’s no 1 and most visited website for placement preparation, has announced the addition of new courses to its Prime module. Among the new courses will be FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce. These courses will be available on the platform from August to September. PrepInsta is a one-stop placement destination, with the primary goal of addressing India’s current disparity in job prospects. PrepInsta, through its product PrepInsta Prime, trains students with the entire process of placement preparation, skill development, coding learning, and interview preparation.

“Adhering to the overwhelming demand from our student community, we at PrepInsta are pleased to offer the new courses added to our Prime module. As the current education system and outdated college curriculum are not geared towards employability, it is widening the existing skill gap between students and requirements of tech-enabled companies. The scope of our offered courses is very broad in the current market space and will be beneficial to students who want to advance their careers in the IT and coding sectors, as well as students who want to change jobs,” said Aashay Mishra, Co-Founder, and COO, PrepInsta.

There are no eligibility requirements; any interested student can enroll by subscribing to Prepinsta Prime, and gain access to these upcoming courses as well as 150+ other courses which include AI/ Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Coding courses in C/C++, Competitive Coding, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Python, and DSA. Moreover, the platform provides 150+ company-specific micro-courses for companies such as Amazon, TCS, Mu Sigma, Capgemini, and others.

PrepInsta either charges students or colleges for its premium membership in a B2B model in which they receive a Prime Subscription for all of their students. PrepInsta’s network also aids in the recruitment of new skilled talent for some businesses that collaborate as partners. In addition, PrepInsta Prime students earn an average package of 7.1L, with 71% receiving more than two offers. In a significant development, PrepInsta Prime module recently reached the 100000+ active subscribers milestone.

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