Mini-Med Course 2022 for Medical Aspirants hosted by St. George’s University, In Association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions

Mini-Med Course 2022 for Medical Aspirants hosted by St. George’s University, In Association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions

Bangalore, June 2022: St. George’s University (SGU), in association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, held a successful “Mini-Med Course 2022” for aspiring medical students who wished to explore their prospects for medical education.

In the two days of the event, students were given the opportunity to learn about the medical field, such as the history of medicine, medical imaging, cardiology, CPR, medical ethics, and a variety of other topics that built a solid base of knowledge for the students.

Learners were joined by SGU and Ramaiah faculty to understand the specificities of becoming a medical practitioner, through a range of engaging sessions, skill labs, campus tours, and workshops. St. George’s University facilitated this program for students to envision their path in the global healthcare systems and medical landscapes that await them in the future.

Talking about her experience at the event, Arisha, a 12th standard student from Mumbai said, “SGU and Ramaiah’s “Mini-Med Course 2022” was very exciting, right from the start to finish. I think I can speak for all the students who attended the program when I say that the different activities that we did, like CPR, and live dissection of a cadaver gave us a very realistic overview of a career in medicine. But the highlight for me was the talk about the “History of Medicine” by Dr. James Coey from SGU. It, in fact, made me more excited to begin my medical education and become a part of a profession with such a noble, and rich history.”

The “Mini-Med Course 2022” is an annual event conducted by St. George’s University, in association with the Ramaiah Group of Institutions. At the conclusion of this year’s edition, the Ramaiah faculty commented, “The 2022 “Mini-Med Course 2022” was a tremendous hit. With over 35 students in attendance, both SGU and Ramaiah staff had a great time talking with young talented minds. The CPR demonstration and surgical skills training were both hugely successful. It gives me great optimism for the next generation of doctors, since the students who attended the session were incredibly engaged and involved throughout the entire session, and we hope to see many of these faces at the start of the academic year.”

Students attending the course were engaged in a hands-on experience that educated them about the realities and possibilities of choosing healthcare and medicine as a career. Students received certificates upon the completion of this course and got the chance to learn directly from certified medical and healthcare professionals in an immersive environment.

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