KIIT World School Celebrates 75th Independence Day…

KIIT World School Celebrates 75th Independence Day…

Gurugram: KIIT world school celebrated the momentous occasion of 75th Independence Day to instill the importance of freedom struggle and to bring in the patriotic fervor among students. On this occasion, various competitions and activities were organized for students. Reverberating the joyous fervor of freedom, auspicious flag hoisting ceremony was also conducted in school premises.

During the event, junior students participated enthusiastically in Role Play- Costume parade competition whereas primary school students recite on the stage beautiful and inspiring poems related to the theme patriotism. Students of class X to Xll participated in intra-school debate competition on the theme of ‘Technology makes us more alone’ and ‘Government: A true saviour for the middle class citizen’. The aim of the competition was to sharpen public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be more articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The founder of school, B.R Kamrah, unfurled the National flag in presence of the all dignitaries, school staff and the school council which was accompanied by the melodious National Anthem.

KIIT World School Principal, Neelima Kamrah told students about the importance of National Flag and encourage them to host flag at their homes. She said, “Our Tiranga is not only our pride, it is also a symbol of our unity, diversity, courage, patriotism, hopes and aspirations.”

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