Hunar Online Courses Graduates 6000+ Women, Awards INR One Lakh as Seed Funding to Entrepreneurs


India, 21 June 2022: Hunar Online Courses, a skill-tech platform to empower women by helping them learn new skills and become financially independent, hosted its first-ever virtual graduation ceremony for 6000+ Hunar students from over 100 cities across the country. Hunar provides more than 30 creative courses to homemakers, young girls and working women.

On the graduation day, Hunar hosted more than 30,000 online participants, and showcased students’ journey of learning from home and achieving success with their skills. Along with all the students earning their graduation certificates, 10 students were awarded a total of INR one lakh seed money to start or grow their businesses under the Skill to Success Awards.

A few exceptional students also won awards in various other categories like the Fastest Learner award, Best Assignment award, Most Committed Student award, and for Maximum courses completed. One of the students also received the Kala Ratna rolling trophy for completing 14 courses – maximum courses that were done in the shortest span of time.

Nishtha Yogesh, Founder and CEO, Hunar Online Courses said, “Graduating more than 6000 students including homemakers on our platform is a testament of fulfilling Hunar’s mission to help Indian women start their entrepreneurial journey and achieve financial independence. Throughout the entirety of our students’ academic journeys, our expert faculty and staff have championed them to achieve their full potential. We will continue to be catalysts in their entrepreneurial journey by honing their skills in their respective areas of passion.” 

Students of Hunar Online Courses access a robust online curriculum in the skill-based courses in the fashion, food, and beauty segments. These are advanced entrepreneurship courses comprising pre-recorded classes, live virtual classes and webinars by certified teachers, industry experts and veterans like Neeta Lulla.

Hunar also organises the Annual Live Digital Show, which is a national platform for students to display their creations and connect with retailers and micro financers, etc. Students have an opportunity to intern with Hunar to start a career and get a WhatsApp catalogue to sell their designs instantly.

Hunar Online Courses has a growing community of more than two million women and 25,000 students out of which 30 per cent of them are running their enterprises successfully earning over INR 50,000 every month on an average.

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