Etude Academy Celebrates It’s First Graduation Party

Etude GraduationpartyEtude Academy celebrated its very first Graduation Party recently held at PVR Home, marking a significant milestone in the journey of budding makeup enthusiasts.

The highlight of this inaugural Graduation Party was a masterclass hosted by Jazz Wahan- a talented makeup artist who brought creativity and artistry to every look for years. Students were immersed in an interactive learning experience while enjoying delightful food and beverages. Following this masterclass, the Graduation Ceremony commenced, a moment filled with excitement and celebration. Among the brightest stars of the evening were three exceptional students who received cash prizes for their dedication and talent. Additionally, every student proudly received a certificate and a special sash, symbolizing their accomplishment and journey at Etude Academy.

Paul Lee, Managing Director at Amorepacific, remarked, “Witnessing the growth of the students at Etude Academy has been inspiring. This inaugural celebration marked the beginning of many more achievements to come. The pursuit of excellence demonstrated by the students at Etude Academy is truly commendable.”

Mini Sood Banerjee, Head of Marketing at Amorepacific, expressed her admiration, stating, “Etude Academy’s first Graduation Party was a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of its students. The combination of makeup skills and social media expertise showcased the brand’s innovative approach. This is just the beginning, and we are eagerly anticipating our upcoming sessions where we can continue making a difference in the lives of these aspiring young artists. We take pride in being a brand that values skill development and celebrates achievements.”

Joel Ju Hyeon Park, Brand Manager at Amorepacific, “Seeing the energy and passion of the students at Etude Academy during their first Graduation Party was truly inspiring. They’re not only skilled in makeup but also excel in leveraging social media, especially platforms like Instagram. Our brand’s innovative approach is remarkable, empowering these students in multiple ways. Congratulations to all the students for their incredible achievements!”

Etude Academy wasn’t solely about makeup brushes and color palettes; it was about inviting experts from diverse industries to share their wisdom. Over six months, these aspiring students dedicated themselves to monthly classes at Etude Academy, where they not only perfected their makeup skills but also delved into the world of social media. It included specialized sessions to enhance students’ social media presence, particularly on Instagram. There was even a dedicated class focused on editing engaging reels, equipping students with the tools to grow and thrive on different platforms.

The inaugural Graduation Party at PVR Home was a resounding success, laying the foundation for Etude Academy’s dedication to nurturing talent and innovation in the world of makeup and social media.

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