Dual Degrees: These American Universities Have the Best Programs to Offer

Dynamic changes in the job market are today encouraging students to pursue avenues that break away from traditional education arrangements. They are looking for higher education courses that are more in line with employer requirements such as a multi-disciplinary system where diverse skill sets can be developed. As a result, the concept of dual-degree pathways has gained popularity and has quickly become a global prevalence.

A dual degree allows students to pursue a degree from two different departments, or even universities at the same time. These departments or universities often collaborate and formulate a curriculum that complements the courses they teach. It covers a broad range of specialities that can be useful for employment across a number of industries – which is also typically preferred by many employers. This pathway also works best for those who are still figuring out what they want to do or are unsure about their options.

Here is a list of four Universities in the US that provide an array of dual-degree pathways.

  • Kent State University: The university offers a diverse range of dual degrees both at the undergrad and grad levels. It also has the option of pursuing a double degree from the same department or school if it offers different degrees. Kent State allows for both informal and formal dual degree programs. An informal degree accounts for those that are not officially recognized by the university, while a formal one has been officially approved by it.

Combinations include a Master’s in Architecture and Business Administration, MA in Sports Administration, and an MBA; and a Master’s in Business Administration and a Public Health degree. The university prides itself on its top-tier teaching, research, and creative activities.

  • University of Arizona: With both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees to offer, the university holds multiple online and offline dual degree programs in its catalogue. They have also collaborated with universities outside of the US to offer a robust set of courses that suit the job market demands. For example, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics can earn two degrees – one from the University of Arizona and the other from the Hebei University of Technology in Tianjin. Similarly, their fully-accredited Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice facilitates a program with the highly-ranked Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health in the US itself. They offer a robust support system, a seamless admissions process, and financial aid for students applying from foreign countries.

Among the Top 1% of 20,000 universities worldwide according to the Center for World University Rankings, The University of Arizona offers innovative courses and an environment that allows students to approach their career from a distinctively global perspective.

  • The University of Chicago: Students are allowed to pursue either a dual degree or a joint degree graduate program across the university. The dual degree offers degrees across various levels including a Ph.D. The joint degree allows students to pursue two-degree programs by completing the requirements for both. Chicago Booth School of Business, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice, and the Humanities Division are among the various branches of the university that offer these courses.

The University of Chicago is committed to excellence in research and teaching in the context of the changing landscape of higher education.

  • Columbia University: Home to innovative international dual degree programs, The Columbia University School of General Studies, including those applying directly from high school. It offers an interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts education, and the opportunity to pursue a nontraditional, undergraduate experience. Columbia has collaborations with Trinity College Dublin, Tel Aviv University, and other pioneers to facilitate their programs.

Columbia University School of General Studies (GS) is an undergraduate college specifically designed for students pursuing a nontraditional path, especially for those who have had a break of a year or more.

Dual degrees, a norm now, enable students to customize their education pathways per their career aspirations. With many other universities allowing such arrangements, the demand for a multi-disciplinary degree could be highly in demand soon. Such programs help students to inculcate a diverse set of skills and excel in their career paths.

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