CMR University Honored with ASSOCHAM ‘Excellence in Enabling Research Environment (Science)’ Award

CMR University Honored with ASSOCHAM  'Excellence in Enabling Research Environment (Science)' AwardBangalore, 03 June 2023:  CMR University, a leading educational institution committed to fostering research and innovation, has been recognized for its outstanding efforts in promoting research projects on campus. The university was presented with the prestigious ‘Excellence in Enabling Research Environment (Science)’ Award by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) during the 16th International Education Leadership and Skill Development Summit held in New Delhi. Prof. (Dr.) S Mohan Kumar, the Director of Research and Innovation accepted the award on behalf of the University.

The event, organized by the National Council of Education under ASSOCHAM celebrated the significant contributions made by educational institutions in shaping research and innovation in India. CMR University stood out among its peers for its dedication to cultivating an exceptional research environment and nurturing a culture of exploration and discovery.

Expressing his delight at the recognition, Dr. H.B. Raghavendra, Vice-chancellor of CMR University, emphasized the institution’s firm belief in the importance of research and innovation. “At CMR University, research and innovation are integral to our mission. We are committed to pursuing various forms of research, including fundamental and pure research, interdisciplinary research, applied and translational research, as well as promoting innovation and entrepreneurship,” stated Dr. Raghavendra.

CMR University takes great pride in this recognition, which reflects its unwavering commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the scientific community at large. The institution remains dedicated to fostering a research-intensive environment that empowers its students, faculty, and researchers to make meaningful contributions to society through innovative discoveries and breakthroughs.

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