Aditya Birla Education Academy Honours 28 Educators And School Leaders At Annual ‘Changemakers Awards’

Mumbai, 23rd September 2022: Aditya Birla Education Academy (ABEA), India’s leading professional development institute for teachers, held its annual Changemakers Awards ceremony, and felicitated 28 educators and school leaders from India as well as abroad.  The virtual event was flagged off by Dr. Neerja Birla who delivered the keynote address.

ABEA organises Changemakers Awards every year to acknowledge and applaud the invaluable contribution and commitment of school educators and leaders who are helping to create skilled and capable teachers for the next generation of learners. ABEA is committed to supporting educators in developing newer expertise, upskill, understanding the nuances of new technologies, and adapting to the ever-changing education ecosystem. This award aims to encourage them to continue doing excellent work in the field of education and to support ABEA in all possible ways.

Commenting on the award ceremony, Dr. Neerja Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust said“Education is one the most powerful tools to help affect positive change across our country and make a real difference in people’s lives. Through our Changemakers Awards, we, at the Aditya Birla Education Academy, want to acknowledge the exemplary work of educators and recognise their efforts in spearheading change in the education sector. We hope that this recognition encourages educators and school leaders to continue on their chosen path and enrich the lives of their teachers, staff and students.”


Prodipta Hore, Program DirectorAditya Birla Education Academy also spoke about the awards and said, “The Aditya Birla Education Academy is at the forefront of empowering leaders in education to enhance their skills and be at par with international practices. We aim to give them the opportunity to tap into their immense potential for growth and help them become the very best in their field. The Changemakers Awards help us to show our immense gratitude to the school leaders who are responsible for shaping India’s future.”

Changemakers: List of Awardees 

Dr. Manoj Gupta Changemaker – Empowerment of Teachers
Dr. Sita Shankar Changemaker – Teacher Development
Ms. Vamsheepriya Amar Changemaker – Teacher Development
Ms. Suryavathy Changemaker – Bringing New Practices
Ms. Sangeeta Sanghavi Changemaker – Bringing New Practices
Mr. Yatisachar Changemaker – Bringing New Practices
Mr. Inder Singh Kadakoti Changemaker – Extraordinary Support to Teacher Development
Mr. Vishwas Rokade Changemaker – Extraordinary Support to Teacher Development
Ms. Alka Shiva Changemaker – Bringing New Practices
Ms. Varsha Ratta Changemaker – Star Teacher-Student of PGDGE
Ms. Dhwani Varia Changemaker – Star Teacher-Student of PGDGE
Ms. Rupali Mundada Changemaker – Star Teacher-Student of PGDGE
Ms. Nisha Pareekh Changemaker – Star Teacher-Student of PGDGE
Mr. Stephen Burnage Changemaker – Extraordinary Support to Teacher Development
Ms. Seema Shaikh Changemaker – Focus on Teacher & Student Development
Dr. Deepa Bhanushali Changemaker – Groundbreaking Support to Schools
Ms. Neha Pradhan Arora Changemaker – Leading by Example
Ms. Kalpana Chavan Changemaker – Pathbreaker in Education
Dr. Dahshayini Kanna Changemaker – Pathbreaker in Education
Ms. Nicole Vaicunas Changemaker – Best Enrichment Practices
Dr. Shivanand Changemaker – Teacher Development
Dr. Shailaja Changemaker – Teacher Development
Ms. Kaveri Dutt Changemaker – Teacher Development
Dr. Gopan Changemaker – Teacher Development
Ms. June Dias Changemaker – Teacher Development
Dr. Bijoy Thomas Changemaker – Teacher Development
Dr. Bishwajit Saha Changemaker – Bringing New Practices and revolution in education system
Dr. Jayaraman Changemaker – Teacher Development


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