XTEP, a global sports fashion label expands its presence in Mumbai


November 2022: XTEP, a world-class sportswear brand is launching its first store in Mumbai on 8th November 2022 at Malad Infinity Mall. XTEP International Holdings Limited is a comprehensive sports goods company that primarily manufactures and sells clothing, footwear, and sports equipment. Its products include sports fashion in categories such as running, training, basketball, outdoor football, and so on. XTEP works hard to expand its international market and that’s what makes it a global brand.

XTEP products are developed following a thorough R&D process, making it a one-of-a-kind brand. To provide maximum comfort, the XTEP Technology includes Dynamic Foam, Reactive Coil, High-Quality Soft Pad, and Multiple Air Cushion Structures. Their range of products includes shoes, shorts, T-shirts, hoodies, and so on. XTEP apparel offers sweat resistance, polar ice fiber, UV protection, and antibacterial and easy-to-clean material that feels good on the skin.

XTEP is now officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1368. HK). In 2019, XTEP acquired several international brands overseas, paving the way for a multi-brand and international expansion strategy. They established an Indian Branch Company and a Vietnam Branch Company with clients from over 20 countries. The distribution networks span the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Thailand, and Pakistan. They intend to provide professional fashion sports products to customers all over the world.

Talking about the brand Antone Liu – General Manager India of XTEP shared, “We are thrilled to open our stores in India, especially now that we will be serving a massive market that is rapidly expanding. As a sports label, XTEP has a lot to offer in a variety of categories. XTEP has grown to be a leading sporting goods company with high-quality products after more than 30 years of development.”

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