Window Magic Introduces Its Mascot- Mr. Hos

Mr. HOS, the environmental manager of Window Magic, is here to provide consistency in the continued development of the company’s environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Window Magic, one of the largest and premium Aluminium & uPVC Windows and Doors systems manufacturers is all set to launch their first ever environmental manager, Mr. HOS – High on sustainability.

Mr. HOS_Window Magic

Window Magic has always prioritized environmental sustainability, and Mr HOS will ensure and support the sustainability initiative taken by the company to make sure all the products are eco-friendly and cause zero harm to Mother Nature.

With the idea, that we owe this earth to our descendants rather than receiving this planet from our forebears, Window Magic has chosen Mr. HOS to be their environment-friendly figure. They want the world to realize that sustainability is for the next generation since we are all one big family with Mr. HOS’s assistance.

The brand itself is poised to become even more environmentally friendly in every aspect by following Mr. HOS’s example. They are converting their production facility to run entirely on solar power as a first significant step. Additionally, they accept full accountability for the waste material produced throughout the manufacturing process and has tied up with GGEPIL, a waste management company. Mr. HOS is helping Window Magic to become a company that genuinely cares about the earth and is responsible.

It’s a unique initiative taken by a business in this sector to support the environment, as minor improvements can lead to larger ones.

Window Magic invites everyone to engage in this endeavor for the next generation. We’re all in it together.

Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic said “The sustainability of the goods is something that Window Magic takes very seriously. In addition to greater waste management and a focus on renewable energy sources, we have taken extra effort to minimize our energy use and waste material production. Sustainability is a journey, not an endpoint and we are embarking this journey every day.”

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