WealthDesk Releases Whitepaper on Unified Wealth Interface

WD white paper - front page

Mumbai: September 2022: WealthDesk, an investment technology platform released a whitepaper authored by their Founder and CEO Ujjwal Jain on how Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) is Democratising Wealth Creation.

The whitepaper provides an overview of the current investment landscape, underscores the prevailing gaps in the asset, wealth and broking ecosystem, and highlights how UWI brings in interoperability through a robust technology layer to bridge these gaps effectively. UWI seamlessly connects research, product manufacturing, productization, and distribution at scale.

Here are the key takeaways from the whitepaper on the impact UWI brings to the asset, wealth and broking industries: 

Enabling unhindered product innovation: The WealthDesk platform assists in portfolio management and distribution, and provides regtech, marketing, and execution support. The WealthBasket managers can wholly focus on creating innovative multi asset investment products and they no longer need to worry about how to package and sell the offerings.

Leverage distribution channels and network effects: WealthBaskets can be seamlessly distributed to both online and offline investors by leveraging existing distribution networks of brokers, distributors, and RMs with additional benefit of strong network effects on UWI.

Holistic offering for retail investors: Retail investors can easily invest in premium wealth creation products on top of broking and other transaction platforms, in a cost-effective manner.

India’s broking industry has been growing at an annual growth rate of 7.79% since 2016, and today there are close to 95 million demat accounts, which is proof of the strong demand in the country. The supply side, however, is facing problems with only 1300 Registered Investment Advisors in India i.e. only 1 RIA per 71,000 investors. The Mutual Fund schemes offered by AMCs are becoming larger and larger, which means that the right packaging of wealth solutions on these products for retail investors is missing. In fact, a majority of retail investors don’t qualify for Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) because of the large minimum ticket size investments needed. So there exists a wide chasm in terms of what investors want, i.e., innovative wealth solutions and ease of investing through technology and, what a very basic retail wealth management market is currently providing them, i.e., fragmented and multi-stop journeys.

Speaking on the launch of the whitepaper Ujjwal Jain, said ”We have built UWI as an internet scale interface to not only bridge the prevailing gaps but also to elevate the entire ecosystem. UWI allows investment manufacturers to create innovative multi-asset investment products, package them into WealthBaskets, and then distribute them at scale through an ever expanding list of more than 100 UWI partners in a low cost, seamless, and efficient manner. We are excited by the possibilities UWI offers to every stakeholder of the asset, wealth and broking ecosystem”

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