Vastu Tips for a healthy and happy life

Mr. Girender Bharti | Vastu Tips for a healthy and happy life

Vastu is the art of designing rooms, placing furniture and organising the surroundings in harmony with nature earth. It plays an important role in our life.

A man spends most of his time in an environment surrounded by four walls. A house becomes an extension of an individual. A Vastu-compliant house supports growth and development. It gives an extra push, power and subtle support to make you succeed and excel in life. On the other hand, if we build a house against the laws of nature, if we are not living in resonance with nature, and if the environment is not in harmony with natural energies, the negativity can trouble and disturb us.

Below mentioned are some tips that we need to follow in our house and at the workplace to lead a healthy and happy life.

• We should especially take care of NE, Brahmsthaan and SW of our home. There should be no toilet or kitchen in these directions.

• The floor level in the Southwest zone should never be lower than the Northeast zone.

• Any source of water should not be in the Southwest zone of your house.

• If you have a kitchen in the Southeast direction, make sure that the slab colour is not black as it will lead to financial problems. And if in case it is black, change it to green or red immediately.

• Place a big family picture in a golden frame in the Southwest zone under yellow light to attain harmony and peace.

• For the blessings of your ancestors, place their pictures in the right part of the Southwest zone.

• Place a picture of DhanvantariDevta in the northeast direction for overall health and immunity.

• It’s always advisable to use pastel colours or light cream/off-white colours in your home for elemental balance.

• Place a money plant in the North for the constant flow of money and new career opportunities.

Vastu is ancient Indian building science. It is the holistic science of creating a balance of subtle energies, which diagnoses and cures various human ailments. And since Vastu deals with healing and destroying, it plays a very crucial role in human life.

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