VASTRANAND introduces India’s first and only F2C fashion app

Jigar Viradiya, Co-Founder & CEO, Vastranand

VASTRANAND introduces India’s first and only F2C fashion app, which has managed to generate organic sales worth 2.5 crore in just under 2 months

~With the launch of its recent application the company has managed to grow revenue exponentially by 4X month on month ~

3rd September 2021, Mumbai: Vastranand, is one of India’s leading b2b fashion brands, the core functioning of the business is to manufacture premium quality Indian attire and distributing it via their value chain across the country with the help of reliable re-sellers, distribution units and trusted partners.

Recently the company pivoted its model slightly with the launch of its digital platform. The Vastranand application has redefined the supply chain for the company making them India’s first and only F2C (Factory to Consumer) based model. This set up requires users to download the app and make a purchase directly via the digital platform. Vastranand’s online customers are not just limited to their distributors and re-sellers; in fact a lot of these online users happen to also be direct consumers. Since the launch of the application, the company has managed to acquire a market space not only in India but also in countries like Australia, America and the UAE among many others via their first of its kind digitally run F2C model.

At present, the company is on average generating sales of over INR 11 million month on month. Over-all the company has witnessed a healthy profit of about 25% just within two months of having introduced the online application. Via the app, the brand today has more than 1 lakh downloads with about 350-400 active users per minute with an average of about more than 25,000+ new downloads each month. All this has been acquired organically at zero marketing spends.

Besides the profits being generated online, the company continues with its original pre-digitalization model as well and via that system the brand on an average is generating approximately 1 lakh new resellers each year. Since the introduction of the F2C based digital offering, the company has grown by 4X each month since the launch of the app.

Quote by Jigar Viradiya, Co-Founder & CEO, Vastranand, “Vastranand started off as a small unit in 2017. Today we have over 100 employees across all our operations. With the growth in demand since the launch of our application, there will be considerable changes around the business and our manufacturing set-ups to keep up with the ever growing demand. A lot of thought and research was invested in to setting up our online platform. It gives me immense joy is stating that we happen to be India’s first ever F2C business model. Within the last few months, Vastranand has witnessed exponential growth close to 2.5 CR worth of sales in less than 2 months since the digital launch. All this was achieved at zero marketing costs. This encourages us to take our efforts to the next level with some big plans to help further the growth of our company and our offerings. Made in India has always been our mantra and I am proud to be able to deliver our products directly from our manufacturing units into women’s wardrobes across the world.”

Brand Boiler Plate: The brand was co-founded in 2017 by Mr. Jigar Viradiya & Mr. Ravi Viradiya. The core functioning of the business is to manufacture premium quality Indian sarees and distributing them via their value chain across the country with the help of reliable resellers, distribution units and trusted partners. Recently the brand launched India’s first ever F2C (Factory to Consumer) model via it’s online application. The foundation of the company was laid keeping in mind the aspirational dreams of a new India, an inclusive India where not only men but also women could be inculcated and encouraged to join the ever growing Indian work force, with the mission to help & empower them to be professionally and financially independent. Build on the pillars of inclusivity, Vastranand manufactures and sells sarees that cater to the fashion needs and sensibilities to each and every consumer across all the states of India whilst striving to drive a systemic change not just within contemporary India but also in it’s ways of conducting business. Via their efficiently run resale and distribution ecosystem, Vastranand’s products are being widely sold to consumers across some of India’s leading online and retail platforms such as Tata Cliq, MYNTRA, AJIO to name a few.

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