Vanity Wagon Brings to you – Mix it up 2.0, a beauty pop up event

Vanity Wagon Brings to you - Mix it up 2.0, a beauty pop up event

Vanity Wagon, India’s largest clean beauty marketplace is hosting its second Conscious Beauty Experiential Event- Mix it up 2.0, bigger and better at Chica, One Golden Mile, New Delhi on 26th June from 12-8 PM. While an array of skincare and beauty brands will be exhibiting, the event also includes various activities and workshops – graphic eye makeup & hairstyling in association with Neu Salon, sustainable press on nail art, a workshop by Dr. Kiran Sethi sharing skincare tips, live music, and a star studded evening as Anita Hassanandani talks about her newly launched skin care brand, Better Beauty.

In today’s day, customers are constantly bombarded with new information which can be tough to navigate and misleading at times. This event is aimed to fix the problem of misinformation by organising a customer interaction with the founders and other members of the Vanity Wagon Team. This interaction with consumers would help gain momentum towards the clean beauty movement and encourage conscious buying among people. With Mix it up, Vanity Wagon wants to provide a wholesome shopping experience to it’s customers with interactive and informative buying from their favourite brands accompanied with drinks, games, workshops, food and live music.

Naina Ruhail, the Founder of Vanity Wagon said “We have reached the time where customers are more cognizant of the products that they are using and the chemicals they are putting into their skin. Now, most people carefully consider and ponder over the ingredients of products- which makes them more inclined towards conscious beauty. This event is aimed at gearing interactions towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. It is a conscious effort at connecting our customers with members of the Vanity Wagon team so they have a better understanding about what clean beauty stands for and get a first-hand experience of the products.”

The first rendition of the Mix it up event took place in April 2021. The event was a huge success due to the rapid growth of the clean and conscious beauty industry in India.

By organising such an event, Vanity Wagon is moving one step closer towards expanding and harbouring the Clean beauty movement. The event would bring people together to achieve the common goal of being a conscious consumer and making informed decisions while shopping for skincare and beauty products. Join us as we try to build a community to lead a healthier and sustainable life.

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