Top 4 apps for instant credit

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PC Financial

CashBean, a name brand of PC Financial Services Pvt Ltd, is the most trusted and intuitive loan application of India making significant strides in the lending vertical of India’s fast-evolving FinTech domain. PCF itself is a subsidiary of the globally renowned Opera Group that has a whole range of digital products proliferated across countries, most notably the Opera web browser.

Since its launch in Jan 2019, CashBean has been at the lead of both the technology and service within the digital lending space. This further is galvanized by the fact that CashBean has seen over 2cr downloads and was the most downloaded FinTech app in the Google Play Store in India during the very first year of its launch. And while one usually witnesses tapering of service quality as virality of the product increases, CashBean’s, high (4.2 stars) Google Play store is also much ahead of the competition, proving that the company has ensured that customer service leads to more customer retention.

Keeping the customer in mind, the platform disburses up to INR 60,000 to anyone across India. The platform is swift, hassle-free, and an umbrella for small ticket unsecured loans. The paper-free application model keeps customers ahead of the inability to get loans from financial institutions due to a lack of credit history. CashBean emphasizes its financial inclusion, enabling customers to have an acknowledgeable credit history. The platform pushes to be the best and swiftest avenue for loan requirements especially emergency credit needs such as home repairs, car repairs, medical emergencies etc.CashBean aims to serve the unprivileged with short-term personal loans, and improve tenure options so that customers find longer windows for repayment. The platform is built on Machine Learning principles, to enable customers with better decision making. The Company in turn gets to serve a wide range of customers using alternative data points


An RBI-registered NBFC Upwards is committed to making the process of availing loans hassle-free through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. For lower-income communities across the country, the process of availing of loans is lengthy and often in vain. To bridge the credit gap, Upwards offers loans up to INR 2.5 lakhs that are sanctioned within 24 hours to salaried individuals across India. With no paperwork involved, fast disbursements, and a focus on long/midterm/large/mid ticket PL products, Upwards offers a personalized and superior customer experience for those falling within the salary bracket of INR 20,000-2.5 lakhs. Customers simply need to register with their KYC and can even upload the necessary documents online, thereby evading the traditionally cumbersome process. Upwards is the only platform with deep penetration in non-urban geographies where it is giving long term (upto Rs 3 lakh) and long tenure loans (up to 2-3 years) without any physical touchpoints with the end borrower and yet maintaining a benchmark portfolio quality while clocking 20-30% mom growth.

Vivifi India Finance

Vivifi India Finance is focused on providing credit to non-prime customers. Unlike most fintech who are fixated on their improving the experience for already served customers, we cater to the under-served/unserved customers who have trouble securing credit from traditional lending institutions. Vivifi is the first in India to implement eKYC and our customer onboarding process is 100% digital. The customer fills out the application, after which we electronically verify the customer information using our proprietary algorithms which gather traditional, non-traditional, social, public domain information to decide the customer in real-time. Upon approval, our customers can access their personal emergency line of credit for any needs – Scan Now & Pay Later or draw cash, based on the customer’s preference from time to time. Vivifi’s products are non-prime customer-centric and hence FlexSalary continues to be India’s first and only open-ended line of credit product and FlexPay continues to be India’s first and only ‘scan now pay later’ product offering credit on UPI rails. Innovation for the customer is the ground on which all products and features are built and offered.


FREO is a first of its kind, credit-led Neobank in India that is designed to serve the banking needs of millennials in India and Southeast Asia.For many of its offerings, the company has partnered with banks to bring new solutions to its customers.
FREO’s parent company started its operations in India with the launch of MoneyTap in late 2016. Its goal was to make credit flexible, convenient, and affordable, all through an intuitive, category-creating product. Since its launch, MoneyTap, in partnership with established banks and NBFCs like RBL Bank, HDBFS, Fullerton, and more, has scaled to become one of India’s largest and most successful consumer Fintech companies. Through MoneyTap, FREO has attracted over 11M users to its ecosystem and disbursed upwards of Rs. 4,000 crore in credit along with issuing 175,000 credit cards (with RBL Bank). Building on its success in India, the company also launched its credit products in Vietnam with an aim to create a strong international presence.
MoneyTap will continue to serve as a Freo flagship product

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