Tokenized Collectibles Marketplace Golisto Launches on Concordium, Bringing Security and Assurance to High-Value Items

Switzerland – [21 November 2023] – Concordium, the science-backed Layer 1 blockchain creating a safer digital world, has today announced the launch of Golisto, a curated marketplace and auction house app for collectors to seamlessly buy, sell, and manage their high-value collectibles, on its native chain. Golisto’s existing 25,000+ users can create and manage digital twins of their physical items, benefiting from the seamless trading, fractional ownership, and fraud-resistance afforded by Concordium’s secure and transparent infrastructure.

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Collectors around the world can list their items on Golisto’s marketplace, which houses a total estimated value of DKK 30.25M and hosts over 55,000 curated, rare and unique collectibles, including vintage toys, memorabilia, rare books, coins, stamps, and more. By creating digital twins of their physical collections housed on the Concordium blockchain, collectors can seamlessly buy, sell, and manage their valuable items.

Emil Ottar, CEO of Golisto, said: “Tokenizing collectibles provides new avenues for unlocking liquidity, fractional ownership, and lowering settlement time and costs, in turn increasing the market’s financial accessibility. However, collectors have been weary of putting their high-value collectibles on the blockchain due to fears of fraud and scams. Thanks to Concordium’s secure framework and digital ID layer, we’re able to give collectors the assurance they need that their prized possessions can be safely traded on our platform.”

By launching on Concordium, Golisto will bring accountability, verifiability and transparency to its marketplace thanks to the Layer 1’s trust-as-a-service, unique identity layer and white label token integration capabilities. Concordium’s ID verification layer leverages ZK-proof technology, enabling users to prove their identity, effectively combating fraud on the Golisto platform as all collectors and their items will be verified. Collectors will also be able to tokenize their collectibles, unlocking the liquidity and fractional ownership of these items while curbing counterparty risk. Buyers and traders can rest assured that assets listed on the marketplace are authentic and that its provenance is secured.

Torben Kaaber, Head of Commercial at Concordium, said: “Collectibles have always been a sizable market, estimated at several hundreds of billions of dollars, and Golisto is taking the right approach to meeting the needs of its users by prioritizing cost-efficiency, user-friendliness, and most importantly, trust. By enabling the tokenization of these items on our transparent and secure infrastructure, Golisto is effectively making traditionally illiquid assets liquid, opening up participation in collector item ownership in a trusted, accessible environment.”

By purchasing a monthly subscription plan of $4, collectors can easily tokenize their physical items on the Golisto app and have it listed for free on the marketplace. Collectors can easily explore, search, and discover their next prized possession on Golisto’s user-friendly app and join the community of enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

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