This Raksha Bandhan pamper your siblings with the perfect skin and hair care package

Dr. Navnit Haror_, Founder and Director of Derma Miracle (2)


Dr. Navnit Haror, Founder & Director at Derma Miracle Clinic

The brothers and sisters share a very unique and deep bonding. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and is given importance in literally every part of the world. When it comes to India, we have a dedicated festival for celebrating this eternal love and beautiful bonding of brother and sister, the Raksha Bandhan.

“Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk”- Susan Scarf Marrell

Let’s have a look at the meaning of Raksha Bandhan. It means to tie or knot of protection”. It is made up of two words specifically Raksha which means protection and Bandhan which signifies the tie or knot.

We come into this world, having our own guardian angels with us in the form of our brothers and sisters. They are there for us no matter what situations we are in, be it good times or bad.

Some have a tom and jerry relationship with their siblings while others have a deep connection with them.

All bondings are unique and different in their own way. The brother usually gives a gift to his sister for tying the Rakhi on his hand.

This Raksha Bandhan give your sister a special gift by caring for her. Don’t give the same gifts like every year instead give her a surprise. Gift her the perfect hair or skin care package to pamper herself.

We all want to look good on festivals, wearing new clothes and getting ready to click amazing pictures with our siblings and family members. Skin and hair care is of utmost importance when it comes to looking good.

If you have dull skin then no matter how much makeup you put on you still won’t look radiant. Before putting makeup on your face, it’s important you have a healthy and glowing skin and you can only achieve that by preparing your skin in advance through skin care treatment like facials and massages.

This Raksha Bandhan Derma miracle is offering you the best skin and hair care packages to choose from. Pamper your skin and hair to look beautiful this festive season.

Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan in the most memorable way with your siblings. Make amazing memories with them.

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