The Agriculture Minister of Haryana recognised Organic Kitchen for their efforts in Organic Farming

Organic kitchen

India, 5th August 2022: Mr. JP Dalal, the Agriculture Minister of Haryana, honored Organic Kitchen at the “Jai Kisan” event, which was organized by MH 1 prime news. Ms. Monika Dhaka, Managing Director & Co-founder at Organic Kitchen was praised for her efforts in organic farming & helping farmers increase their income.

Monika always had a keen interest in nature & farming. Being thankful to her father-in-law who educated her about organic farming, she began her journey towards it. She used to visit her family’s farms where she witnessed the inferior condition of the soil & the excessive use of chemicals & pesticides which lead to chronic diseases like cancer among the consumers. Mrs. Dhaka observed an increase in demand for organic food products despite the fact that India lacked many facilities for organic farming. This is what seeded the concept of Organic Kitchen in her mind. She recognised the gaps in the organic food supply chain & tried to standardize the methods to ensure a continuous supply.

Organic Kitchen was started with a vision to create a society driven by the vehicle of trust & authenticity, a society where people can easily trust & trace the entire ‘farm to kitchen journey’ of organic food. Mrs. Dhaka encourages people to consume organic foods free of chemicals while also supporting Indian farmers by providing them with a platform to market their organic goods.

Commenting on the same, Mrs. Monika Dhaka said, “The best way for a farmer to double their income is through organic farming. The Horticulture Department is also constantly educating us with the upcoming technologies which can be beneficial for organic farming,”.

Organic Kitchen has launched an app where farmers can create their own profiles & till date, more than 2000 farmers directly sell their produce to Organic Kitchen at the right price. Organic Kitchen as a brand helps these farmers with organic land certifications which helps them prove the authenticity of their organic produce.

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