Swisse Wellness collaborates with Dhanshree Verma

Swisse Wellness collaborates with Dhanshree Verma for newly launched SwisseMe biotin gummies with ‘convenient, on-the-go nutrition’ campaign

Bengaluru, India – October 21, 2022: Swisse, Australia’s leading health, wellness and beauty nutrition brand, has partnered with the popular choreographer, creator, and influencer, Dhanashree Verma, to promote the newly launched SwisseMe biotin gummies in India through a digital campaign focusing on ‘convenient, on-the-go nutrition.’
Commenting on the partnership, Dhanashree Verma, said, “I am thrilled to be associated with a global brand like Swisse. It has given Indians access to scientifically backed, top-notch quality supplements. The synergy between my values and what the brand stands for is truly remarkable. I love the concept of convenient, on-the-go nutrition, which seamlessly fits into our fast-paced lifestyle. We no longer have to compromise our health.”

The campaign will coincide with the T20 World Cup. As part of the campaign, Dhanashree will share the benefits of SwisseMe biotin gummies and the importance of incorporating supplements in our diet to meet daily nutritional requirements.

Speaking on the campaign, Akash Bedi, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer of Swisse’s parent company H&H Group, said, “Today, seven out of ten Indians lack essential vitamins and minerals in their body, which affects not only their skin and hair but also their overall health. It is imperative for us to include supplements to bridge any nutritional gap that our diet fails to meet. As a brand that prioritizes quality, nutrition, and health, this campaign echoes our efforts to help Indian consumers live healthier lives while focusing on their overall well-being. We aim to create awareness among millennials about nutrition and wellness. And, Dhanashree was our obvious choice to collaborate. She represents the spirit of today’s youth, who is active, multi-tasks, and lives life on the go. ”

Swisse has excelled over the last 50 years in delivering products that are not only supported by world-class manufacturing but also by science, have high nutritional value, and are vegan-friendly. The brand understands the needs of today’s youth and offers a one-stop shop for new-age supplements with its SwisseMe range across beauty and nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle.

Swisse wellness follows an eCommerce-first strategy in India, with partnerships with leading platforms like Amazon. The products are available on the platforms, along with Swisse’s website.

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