SuShiksha Intervention Center Launches A New Child Development Therapy Centre

Mumbai:  Neurodiversity can lead to many difficulties which have a lasting impact on one’s physical, mental and emotional health.  Children with neurodiversity viz with autism, Down syndrome, genetic disorders, cerebral palsy and many other developmental disorders require early intervention. To help children with developmental delays, the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport has put its best foot forward by starting a new unit of “Sushiksha Intervention Center” in Andheri, Mumbai.

A new Sushiksha Intervention Center in Andheri will consist of various training resources along with clinical services for children with developmental delays. The objective is to enable the child with developmental delays to optimize the ability to conduct activities for daily living with minimal or no support.

SuShiksha Intervention Center Launches A New Child Development Therapy Centre

Ms. Neelima Mashru, President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport said, “We work for children diagnosed with global development delays, Autism spectrum disorder, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, language or communication challenges, and other Developmental delays. We have an interdisciplinary team of educators, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, autism intervention therapists, and communication specialists working together to bring out the best in children with neurodiversity.

“Our individualized child-centric program focuses on the specific needs and interests of the child. The program is designed in collaboration with the entire interdisciplinary team and co-working with parents to add meaning and direction to the lives of the children who visit us, through specific and customized intervention programs. We believe in providing both children and their parents an opportunity to gain experience in communication, cognitive, social, and life skills and optimize their potential and confidence.  We hope to take more such initiatives for developing every child across the country” added Ms. Mashru.

Early identification and intervention are key in addressing such conditions in children. Various programs offered at Sushiksha Intervention Center are The physiotherapy and occupational program focus on posture, alignment, and gross motor milestones. In contrast, Occupational therapy focuses on sensory processing issues, ADL skills, fine motor skills, and prewriting skills. The team together formulates the necessary changes in the environment which may be needed to enhance functional outcomes for the child.

Language and communication programs help with receptive and expressive language development, developing basic foundations of communication and vocabulary, opportunities for spontaneous communication, and using alternative modes of communication like PECS, Avaz, and visuals, to help children develop communication skills Reinforce, Appreciate & Celebrate! The centre shall address such issues and help arrange appropriate therapies at much earlier stages.

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