Suraj Popley shares his Valuable Insights on the Transformation of the Jewellery Industry post-pandemic

GJEPC Award_Popley Eternal

With an estimation of $480.5 billion by 2025, the jewellery industry was rising above and beyond its limits. However, since the global outbreak of covid-19, the entire industry was shaken. The pandemic was responsible for stalled manufacturing and trading activities, business events, and reduction of demands. The entire industry is dependent on two pillars:export and consumer demand. And with the world battling out with pandemic shook these pillars from its core.

With little or no social gatherings the demand dropped significantly and manufacturers reduced the production unit to half. However, with situations taking a steady turn hope and faith have been restored. Jewellery industry leaders believe that the time ahead is destined for them to prosper more. To understand the nitty gritty of this evolved market Mr. Suraj Popley of Popley Eternal talks about this newly found ground. Before the pandemic took a toll the jewellery industry enjoyed a satisfactory footfall in their brick-and-mortar chains. But today millennials and gen-z who believe in living at ease and in a jiff, enjoy shopping in the comfort of their homes without any hassle.

Not only that but the way they consume knowledge about the brands has seen the light of the day too. For instance, before the pandemic, the finest branding option was creating an exquisite advertisement, but today social media has taken a stance and brands are following in line to step on the bandwagon. There may be a lot of differences between these two worlds now, but one thing remains constant love for opulent and precious stone jewellery pieces that are fashioned of top quality. Brides, working women, loyal clients, and even youngsters today seem to invest in pieces that are of fine quality. Popley Eternal has been a name known before and after the pandemic as well. The brand offers phenomenal quality pieces for you to invest in. Visit their store to get a sneak peak at their latest bling.

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