Sunpower Renewables’ solar infrastructure solutions support schools and institutions to become energy independent

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New Delhi, March 22, 2022: Students at the Ghata Gaon Primary School and the Wazirabad Primary School in Gurugram now have a reason to look forward to school even during the coming summer months. Sunpower Renewables, a global leader in energy storage products has partnered with Pragya, a non-governmental development organisation to set up solar infrastructure and provide energy independence to these schools through their all-in-one solar generators providing 24×7 uninterrupted power supply. With no power cuts to worry about, the teachers can focus on teaching and the students on learning even during the hot summers.

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The Cleo units installed at the schools are portable, plug-and-play, solar energy generators, and storage solutions. These come with an in-built inverter and 400Wh lithium-ion battery to generate and store solar energy and provide clean, silent, and fumeless energy to the schools. Each Cleo unit can be charged anywhere and anytime using the connected 24V, 200W solar PV panel and is capable of delivering both AC and DC electricity.

Sunil Pillai, Director, Pragya said, “In our effort to contribute to sustainable change, we installed state-of-the-art solar units developed by Sunpower Renewables in two Government schools in Gurugram enabling them to generate independent green energy. By ensuring access to an affordable and reliable energy resource, the initiative benefits 700+ students as it enables them to have a better quality of education that can now include Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based pedagogies; a rare opportunity given the lack of basic facilities in many Government schools. The entire undertaking was made possible by Pragya, a Gurgaon-based global NGO that carries out numerous developmental projects in developing countries, focusing on sustainability by incorporating technology and innovative interventions”.

Rahul Kale, Founder and CEO, Sunpower Renewables, said, “This initiative to make the schools energy independent using renewable energy will help to secure the future of our children. We have begun with two schools to show the efficiency of solar power and how it can successfully motivate students to attend classes. These two schools will serve as a case study on the effective use of solar systems as against fossil fuels to provide clean and renewable energy while reducing costs.”

In another initiative, Sunpower Renewables has also set up a 3.2kwh storage with a 1.5kw solar power plant at the Krishna Ashram animal shelter in Delhi to power their medical facilities. This has made the medical facility and surgery room completely energy independent with fully automated battery backup for day and night use. The seamless uninterrupted power supply for medical equipment, lights, fan, steriliser, and freezer provides up to 6 to 8 hours of battery backup. It also has a built-in UPS as a safeguard against voltage fluctuation with the potential to increase size as per load requirement.

Nitasha Badhwar, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, Sunpower Renewables said, “While solar panels are usually associated with homes or commercial buildings, the use of solar power for educational and other institutions is also becoming popular globally. This is helping these institutions to reduce costs, go green and become energy independent. Krishna Ashram has seen a reduction in monthly electricity bills by 15% and in diesel usage by 55%. We are looking forward to these initiatives establishing goodwill in the local communities and demonstrating how renewable energy can offer clean and green energy that is non-polluting.”

These initiatives will also support India’s National Solar Mission by providing sustainable solar power that is eco–friendly and cost-effective.

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