StoxBox elevates Trading with AI-Powered StoxBox WhatsApp Trader (SWT) and Advanced Offerings

National, 18th January 2024:StoxBox, a subsidiary of BP Wealth and a pioneering value broking firm, recently announced its path-breaking venture into the space of AI-powered StoxBox WhatsApp Trader (SWT). This will be the first in the country by any broking firm, that looks for ease of investors and traders. Through this platform, StoxBox plans to reach a subscriber base of 1 (one) lakh in the span of the next 3 to 6 months.

Apart from WhatsApp trader, StoxBox also proudly announces a trio of advanced offerings designed to redefine the trading landscape: The Professional Traders Program, StoxBox Mobile App, and the innovative PowerTrader (web-based) platform. Most importantly, all these features are live and available to all users and the journey from beta to production took place in a record time of three months.

Mr. Yuvraj A. Thakker, Managing Director of StoxBoxsaid, “We are dedicated to delivering a seamless, secure trading experience, which forms the fundamental base of our business model. As a Value Broker, our commitment is the ethos of empowerment through knowledge, where we provide unbiased research recommendations. Hence, our latest offerings symbolize our pursuit of excellence and deep understanding of trader needs.”

StoxBox Mobile App, acclaimed for its user-friendly interface, offers traders unparalleled convenience and functionality. The app integrates advanced trading tools and analytics, enabling users to engage with the market efficiently from anywhere.

The PowerTrader (WebTrader) platform, a standout in StoxBox’s suite of offerings, brings a fusion of intuitive design, sophisticated charting capabilities, and an all-encompassing OptionBox package. Enhanced security features ensure a safe and reliable trading environment. This platform reflects StoxBox’s dedication to technological excellence and user-centric innovation.

Both the Mobile App and the PowerTrader, offer advanced charting, watchlists, or click orders, and many innovative features. ProTips, the flagship product of StoxBox, offers intraday, short-term, and long-term trading recommendations at just Rs 499 per month. While the standard brokerage is Rs 10 per order, customers who subscribe to ProTips pay zero brokerage on transactions.

In addition to ProTips, StoxBox offers “The Professional Traders Program” extensive training and live mentoring for both beginners and advanced traders in the markets. Through this, StoxBox aims to solve an industry-wide problem of lack of knowledge and skill causing losses to over 90% of the traders.

Mr. Vamsi Krishna, CEO of StoxBox, comments, “Our vision with these developments is to rise above traditional trading boundaries. We aim to empower traders with revolutionary tools and insights, fostering success in the ever-evolving financial markets.”

StoxBox aims to disrupt the Indian broking Industry, with its unique value broking business model, subscription-based pricing, and advanced trading platforms.

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