SBI Securities’ launches women’s day campaign, Tum Shakti Ho, Tum Saksham Ho, to encourage women to make independent investment decisions

SBI Securities’ launches women’s day campaign, Tum Shakti Ho, Tum Saksham Ho, to encourage women to make independent investment decisionsMumbai, March 05th, 2024: SBI Securities, one of the nation’s leading financial services firms, has proudly launched a powerful women’s day video ad campaignTum Shakti HoTum Saksham Ho, that encourages women to take decisions, including investment decisions.

The video presents an inspiring story of Sumitra, a dance teacher. She is a responsible citizen taking care of her family with a belief of giving it back to the society. However, when it comes to taking financial decisions, she hesitates initially but later takes her first step in starting her investment journey. Her husband also shares the scene with her, encouraging her to start making independent financial decisions. The objective of the campaign is to inspire women to make their own investment decisions.

Historically, men have been labelled as decision makers. SBI Securities has taken a step to inspire women to change this thought and give an equal opportunity to women with a belief that along with being caring and compassionate, a woman can be great at empowering their financial journey. Women represent SHAKTI which means POWER and SAKSHAM which means CAPABLE. This ad campaign conveys the message to all women that they are not just POWERFUL but also CAPABLE of following their passion.

A recent survey stated that about 39% women invest in stock markets. The aim of this campaign is to reach out to every woman with aspirations and motivate them to be liberal in their investment decisions.

Suresh Shukla, CBO, SBI Securities said, “This campaign goes beyond just celebrating women‘s achievements; it aims to empower them to take charge of their financial future. Women make excellent investors. Their patience, sincerity and determination to be the best at everything they do, enables them to invest wisely and make good decisions. Our aim is to increase the number of woman investors and make India a gender-neutral nation with regards to investments. Women are very well capable to decide for themselves and make independent choices and our latest video campaign, explains this in the form of a beautiful story of a woman who is independent and responsible.”

Through this campaign SBI Securities aims to target women beyond metropolitan cities who have dreams of them own and work towards achieving those dreams. Also, they have the courage to follow their heart and the strength to make independent decisions.

The video has been crafted in-house by the SBI Securities’ team. It is a campaign by the women and for the women. The campaign will be launched on SBI Securities social media channels and YouTube.

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