Quote by Mr. Nishant Nishoo, Director of Sales – India, 75F on the occasion of Engineer’s Day

Nishant Nishoo, Director of Sales, 75F, India

Nishant Nishoo, Director of Sales, 75F, India

-by Mr. Nishant Nishoo, Director of Sales – India, 75F 

“Technological changes and innovation have remained significant for the development of the world as a whole. Engineers are a fundamental part of all these developments, creating designs and contributing to innovation, and advancing our world remarkably. In fact, many of our day-to-day activities have been made simple and smooth due to their contributions. 

With refreshing perspectives and cooperative culture, 75F provides the space and the resources for engineers in our company to work and excel. Our team of engineers has enhanced product development and provided cloud solutions and assistance in various cutting-edge systems and software solutions. They are mainly focused on the implementation and utilisation of an evolving Building Management System via IoT-enabled devices. Our engineers have developed much-needed solutions in the building automation space by delivering energy-efficient smart buildings that contribute to sustainability. 

Engineers from India have made a mark in almost every walk of life around the world and also lead many of the Fortune 500 companies today. They are instrumental for our future and their role will only grow further as the years go by in tandem with the advance of technology.”

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