Perfect New Year celebrations for Naruto fans at Bounce Mumbai

Perfect New Year celebrations for Naruto fans at Bounce Mumbai27th December 2022: New Year is almost here and so is your favorite Ninja! It’s time to celebrate the adventures of your favourite Ninja, Naruto as he is ready to welcome you into the New Year in his style!

Pull up your socks as Sony YAY! brings a Naruto special weekend for the biggest fans at Bounce Mumbai on 31st December and 1st of January. With loads of fun and excitement, the event is going to be the perfect way for all anime fans to spend the last day of the year where they will get to play around the exclusive Naruto special basketball zone and many more games at the action-adventure park. So, block your dates now for an adventurous New Year’s Eve party with fellow fans of Naruto over a hot bowl of ramen!

~ Join Naruto with fellow fans only at Bounce Mumbai on 31st December & 1st of January ~


pic source: ruderfinnasia

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