OTO partners with Workex to empower Indian workforce to own their dream two-wheeler

Sumit and Harsh - Cofounders

Bengaluru, 04 August 2022: OTO, a two-wheeler buying and financing platform has today announced its partnership with Workex, a digital staffing platform, which enables fast hiring & efficient staff management. The partnership will see OTO catering to the large base of blue and grey collared employees associated with Workex, as they endeavor to make two-wheeler ownership affordable and flexible.

The users will now be able to choose and own their vehicles from a wide array of two-wheelers  OTO provides on their digital commerce platform along with flexible financing options. This will be made available through the OTO’s digital commerce platform across cities with OTO’s presence in  Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Indore, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Nagpur. OTO aims to sell and finance 1000+ two-wheelers with the help of Workex by the next quarter.

Sumit Chhazed, Co-Founder and CEO of OTO

Commenting on the partnership, Sumit Chhazed, Co-Founder and CEO of OTO said “As the world opens up people once again want to aspire for more. At OTO our purpose is to provide these consumers the platform for discovery of their favourite two-wheelers and also finance this purchase. The partnership with Workex will allow the large community of young employees access to OTO’s content discovery platform and a smooth purchase journey. OTO’s platform will provide the necessary information, which will help the Workex users easily access a varied range of two-wheelers to compare and choose from before buying. We are excited to support the aspirations of the workforce at Workex.”

Nimish Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Workex said, At Workex, our aim is to match and manage the workforce to improve job security and earnings of the workers. Keeping this objective in mind, the partnership with OTO will further help in educating our young, skilled and semi-skilled workforce by building an ecosystem which is more economical. OTO’s  innovative solution to owning two-wheelers will allow our large network of users to make informed purchases through an easily accessible automated service for  a wider employable population”

There is a growing trend of working professionals seeking financial assistance while opting to buy a brand new two-wheeler. This is where OTO comes into the picture. The company aims to provide innovative financing solutions which are 10X simpler, faster, and more convenient than traditional financing. Apart from financing, OTO’s content discovery platform aims to provide a seamless buying experience to the workforce right from the discovery of their favorite two-wheeler to post-purchase with an option to retain, return or upgrade at the end of the tenure. Through this partnership, the company will be able to leverage the large network of 6 Mn+ employee user base at Workex to enable two-wheeler discovery and finance via OTO’s commerce platform.

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