Ongo releases digital film #FirstDigitalPaymentExperience

Ongo, a fast-growing digital payment platform by AGS Transact Technologies Ltd., today released a digital film, #FirstDigitalPaymentExperience, on its Instagram handle. The film captures testimonials of four women support-staff who experienced digital payments for the first time with Ongo prepaid cards.

According to a MeiTY report, India recorded 7,422 crore digital payment transactions during FY 2021-22. Ongo’s digital film underlines that despite this stupendous growth of digital payments, certain sections of the society are still sceptical when it comes to making digital transactions fearing fraud or lack of knowledge/confidence of using a digital form factor.

Ongo’s digital film features four women housekeeping staff working with the company. These women were felicitated with Rupay-enabled Ongo Prepaid Cards on International Women’s Day, which also marked the beginning of their digital payment journey. Through this film, these women express how Ongo prepaid card has empowered them to make a purchase decision independently.

A prepaid card instrument can play an important role in driving the growth of digital payments in India as it offers the first time users a more convenient alternative to cash. Ongo prepaid cards can be used at over 5 million merchant touchpoints in India that have RuPay acceptance and on various e-commerce websites.

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