MADAME continues to grow post-pandemic, plans to have 185 exclusive brand stores by FY 2023

Shalvi Govil, Head -eCommerce, Madame

Bangalore, 10th May: MADAME, one of India’s biggest western wear fashion brands, has managed to perform well during the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to grow rapidly as the world now returns to normalcy. The company managed to keep its market intact, with some setbacks, during the peak pandemic as it focused on e-commerce. Beginning quarter 3 of 2021, the brand has managed to pick an impressive pace and continues to expand and capture the market.

This can be attributed to the swift and creative decision making from the management. With the change in customer preference as the work-from-home trend became mainstream, MADAME managed to satiate their need by introducing attire which was suitable for the prevailing conditions. Diversifying and catering to the unique needs of Indian customers has been a strong point of the brand since the beginning.

Now the brand has also moved into the space of accessories like handbags and sunglasses. This segment has shown a promising trend in the recent past and MADAME plans to focus on its growth. At the same time, the company has also set a goal to expand its digital footprint, leveraging the e-commerce space, by using digital marketing and influencer marketing. It also launched its exclusive online store,, and is working towards its expansion as well.

“We are very aggressively targeting the expansion of our business and we have already started opening our brand exclusive stores in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Now, the focus is to get 40% business from these Tier 2 and 3 cities, while 60% business comes from metros. To ensure that our customers remain loyal to the brand, we are also providing competitive pricing on our products. While the raw material costs have skyrocketed, we have not increased the prices of our products exponentially. At the same time, our products are prices at least 8% lesser than the other international brands that operate in the Indian market. Our focus is to provide the customer with the best quality, design, and that too at an affordable price,” said Akhil Jain, Executive Director of the Jain Amar Group. 

The brand currently boasts of more than 140 points of sales across the country and plans to take it up to 800+by the end of the year. MADAME looks forward to having more than 185 exclusive offline stores by the end of the financial year 2022. The brand is also focusing on sustainable fashion to have a positive environmental impact. It has been launching Eco-wear fashion range every year which includes clothing prepared from a biodegradable cotton-based fabric. “We understand the impact of fast fashion on the environment and have been looking for sustainable solutions like using recycled plastic to manufacture clothes. If we achieve that, it will help us in being more sustainable,” Mr. Jain added. 

The brand expects a 38% increase in YoY demand as compared to pre-covid levels. MADAME has been receiving a promising response from the customers at the beginning of the summer season 2022 and it has recently opened new exclusive stores in many cities. The company continues to work on enhancing customer experience and learning and development of its human resource. The company, which debuted in 1993 and opened its first store in 2002, now boasts over 140 unique locations across the country.

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