LoanTap strengthens Top-Level with The Appointment of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer

Ashish Jain

28 June 2022, National: Today LoanTap, one of India’s fastest-growing lending tech start-ups, announced the strengthening of its senior management by appointing Ashish Jain as the Chief Financial Officer and Rajeev Das as the Chief Risk Officer. Their primary responsibilities will include implementing strategic initiatives that will be transformative and influential to the future of hyper-growing fintech. The appointment of these two experienced professionals will lead to the upliftment of the managerial team of LoanTap and will henceforth, lead to the smooth functioning of the organization. This is done to strengthen the management and introduce a structure in place which will help the organization grow and bloom.

Mr. Ashish Jain is an experienced finance professional, qualified CA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with more than 15 years of work experience across the financial services sector in some of the top companies in the country. His portfolio is rich with the names of brands like L&T Financial Services, IDFC FIRST Bank, KPMG. His vast experience in the NBFC Finance and Treasury across large and listed organizations makes him one of the industry veterans and a much-respected senior executive. He has previously headed L&T Financial services and been an Associated Director of Finance at IDFC First Bank. He has worked in KPMG in the assurance vertical wherein he has led audits of large financial service clients.

Mr Ashish Jain, CFO LoanTap said, “I am excited to take up the enhanced role of the CFO at LoanTap and given the growth graph of LoanTap it gives me immense pleasure to be associated with an organisation that has only seen growth. I’d like to thank the management for welcoming me with enthusiasm and am very positive about the future prospects of LoanTap. It’s going to be a beautiful yet challenging journey and I am committed to take LoanTap to the next level”

Prior to joining LoanTap, Mr. Rajeev Das marked a long career in Standard Chartered Bank. He comes equipped with more than two decades of experience in Managing Portfolio, Operational Risk & Governance and he was a part of the team to acquire Rs. 7,000 Cr Mortgage & LAP Portfolio. He has handled Rs. 2500 Cr SME portfolio for the bank including purchase and sale of the new portfolio and was also instrumental in handling RBI audits, BRR audit (Business Risk Review), TCF audit (Treat Customers Fairly), Peer audit (KYC/AML), Group Audit of various sales functions in India and abroad.

Mr. Rajeev Das – CRO, LoanTap said, “I am grateful for the opportunity and I am confident that the two decades of experience will help me take charge of things and put things into perspective. It is an honour to be able to serve LoanTap in the capacity of the Chief Risk Officer and I am confident that my expertise in fintech will help the organisation grow. I will try my best to fulfil all my roles and responsibilities and will do so with utmost honesty.”

Mr Satyam Kumar, CEO & Founder – LoanTap said … “I am excited to have Rajeev and Ashish and believe that they will add considerable value to the management and help the organisation grow multidimensionally. Both Rajeev and Ashish will be an important part of LoanTap in their new roles and it gives me immense pleasure to predict the forthcoming future of LoanTap with solid management in place.”

The LoanTap management comprises like-minded business professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and decades of real-world experience to the table. Given the complexities of the lending ecosystem, the top management comes from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure an accurate representation of the LoanTap.

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