Laundry redefined: SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets launched in India


Mumbai: SuperBottoms, India’s no. 1 sustainable baby care brand, is driving innovation in the country by pioneering the creation of the new segment within the laundry category, with the introduction of a revolutionary laundry detergent ‘Super Laundry Sheets’. These detergent sheets are specifically designed for babies and kids’ clothes and cloth diapers, and contain no toxic chemicals. It’s also suitable for people with sensitive skin and those who wash their clothes frequently.

While common laundry detergents clean clothes efficiently, they also contain toxic chemicals such as phosphates, bleach, SLS / SLES, and optical brighteners, the residues of which remain on the clothes and are detrimental to both kids’ skin and the environment. Super Laundry Sheets are a super concentrated detergent formula that contains more cleaning active with less fillers and no toxic chemicals, making them completely safe to clean babies and kids’ clothes while also being environmentally friendly.

“We are really happy to present India’s 1st eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets. It promises to turn your laundry experience from a tedious, time-consuming, and difficult activity into one that is enjoyable and convenient. You no longer need to measure and dose different products or be concerned about the harmful effects of ordinary laundry detergents with Super Laundry Sheets. Our small steps will go a long way toward repairing the harm that has already been done, and now is the moment to act. We were determined to produce a product that was safe for our babies and the environment,” said Pallavi Utagi, Founder, SuperBottoms, while speaking about the launch.

SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets are available in packs of 10, 45, 90 sheets, at a price of INR 99/-, INR 420/-, INR 790/-, respectively and are also available with a subscription offer on

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