KrazyFox Launches a Creative Studio in Partnership WithMoj

Ozair Yermal, Co-Founder KrazyFox 1

Ozair Yermal, Co-Founder KrazyFox

New Delhi: Leading multi-channel network, Krazyfox and India’s number one short video app, Moj, launched a state-of-the-art studio in Mumbai to help creators create professional video content. It is a strategically designed property of over 3500 square feet with impeccable interiors and equipment to meet the growing needs of creators, influencers, and celebrities. It is outfitted with all the equipment needed to deliver a seamless shoot, such as tripods, ring lights, DOP, and professional camera setups. The artistically designed studio has 19 different layouts, including a pantry, powder room, and changing room. Besides, it has designated workstations with high-speed internet for content creators to edit.

Ozair Yermal, the co-founder of Krazyfox Technology Pvt. Ltd., said, “It was a wonderful experience working with Moj on this creative space. It is an upgrade to our services designed to cater to brands’ and creators’ video content needs. This studio will offer a platform for creators to come together and collaborate on various projects. As a result, creators can seize these opportunities to boost their earnings. We have dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for creators to produce high-value content with more professional backgrounds, camera setup and lighting. We believe this will take influencer marketing and brand promotion to another level.” 

ShashankShekhar, Sr. Director of Content Strategy and Operations, Moj, said, “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Krazyfox team, who share our vision of empowering creators to excel in their pursuit of creative content creation. Our studio is designed to meet all the requirements of a shoot. We have seen many creators and celebrities visit the studio since it opened, and it will provide great learning opportunities for new creators.” 

The short video market has promising growth and engages people with varied content. With the availability of 5G, demand for short video content will only increase. Also, to empower content creators from all regions of India, Moj launched its flagship creator initiative, ‘MojFor Creators,’ earlier this year. The program helps creators monetize their talent and provide avenues to make it a viable career option. The MojFor Creators program is an ambitious step towards building a robust creator economy in India and developing over 1M superstar creators.

Krazyfox has long-standing relations with MoJ for influencer marketing campaigns and creator needs. This initiative is taking their partnership to another level and inviting young creators to monetize from their content, which will further help strengthen the creator economy.

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