Journey of two young successful Entrepreneurs from “Bright Group” to “1 Help Technologies & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd”

Bright Group was formed in 2012 by the duo Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel and from there they never turned back and continuously kept climbing to new heights. Now, what’s new in this journey, people usually see a lot of successful journeys nowadays, so the thing which makes this duo different from others is the sheer hard work and the struggles they faced.

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Journey of two young succesfull Entrepreneurs from “Bright Group” to “1 Help Technologies & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd”

It was the year 2010 when Mohammed Muneeb khan met Mohammed Akheel and from there, they decided their journey to go long and high. Mohammed Muneeb Khan who was born in Shivamogga Karnataka dreamt of being an entrepreneur from an early age though his parents wanted him to pursue a career in a respectable job. He struggled a lot, was rejected by 33 companies, and then joined a company in Saudi Arabia, he was doing the job and after working hours he used to pitch his ideas to investors. On the other hand, Mohammed Akheel was born into the family of an advocate who was a philanthropist but unfortunately, he lost his father at the age of 16 and then started his struggle. He worked as a newspaper distributor and also worked as a salesman in a cloth shop and later worked in Pharmacy too.

After meeting in 2010, both of them shared their ideas, and based on their understanding they laid the foundation of their first firm “Bright Group” in 2012 which deals in supplying school uniforms and bags. In 2016 they came into the field of providing soft drinks and came up with the brand “Thanda Natural Soda”. In 2017 they launched packaged drinking water by the name of “Amber”.  And in 2018 Muneeb and Akheel decided to come in the field of Software and development and launched their company by the name of “1 help Technologies & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.” Later on, they also founded its sister company by the name of “1 Help Technocrats and Innovations Pvt Ltd.” Later on in 2022 started Broccoli International Pvt Ltd which deals with international business related to payment gateway software.

This is not only the business that the duo shared they even contributed to society. They provided water supply at the rate of 1 rupee/liter to 14 villages and 2625 households. They provided free water supply to 29 temples, 2 mosques and 33 Anganwadis. They even helped the affected people with medicines and food in the times of Karnataka Floods and in the crucial time of Corona, the business duo donated through PM Relief Fund.


  • Won the “India Excellence Award 2019” for fastest growing software solutions provider in south India
  • Won the “India Icon Award 2019” for their services in the IT sector in Karnataka
  • Nominated for “International Goal Awards 2020” Kathmandu Nepal and “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021” Award
  • Both of them were awarded Honorary Doctorates in strategic management, marketing, sales, and social service in Dubai by World Human Rights in 2022.
  • Their net worth is USD 2 Billion approximately 200 crores of Indian rupees

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