INNISFREE unites with the Pinkishe Foundation for the Cause of Menstrual Education for Women’s Day.


It is rightly said, “Menstruation is not a problem, but poor menstrual hygiene is.” It’s very well known that Menstrual health and hygiene interventions can fulfill the unmet demand for menstrual hygiene products and protect the dignity, build confidence, and strengthen sexual and reproductive health, particularly among adolescents.

Pinkishe Foundation started in May 2017, is an ‘All-women’ Non-profit organization headquartered in Delhi-NCR. The foundation is running multiple programs for the benefit of girls and women, the flagship of being PadBank, under which they work on spreading Menstrual Hygiene awareness by distributing free reusable sanitary pads to slums and rural areas.

INNISFREE is a brand that strives not just for the perfect skin but for everything that coexists with them towards more sustainable beauty and has always recognized its social responsibility as a company and consumers, in general, are looking to be more socially responsible in their own lives and they want to make purchases from companies that share their values. In consonance with this ideology, ‘INNISFREE’ for the second time in a row, is joining hands with the ‘Pinkshie’ Foundation on the occasion of Women’s Day for Menstrual Hygiene Education Sessions & Free Sanitary Pads Distribution for underprivileged Girls and Women.

The campaign took place in a rural area in Sarai Alawardi School, Gurugram, on March 1, 2023. It targeted around 100 girls and women. The campaign typically included a 45-60 minutes training session by a Certified Menstrual Educator. This was followed by distributing Reusable Cloth Pad Kits. Each kit contained a packet of 4 pads for a menstruator. These pads are environment-friendly, that is, they can be washed, dried, and used again. There were volunteers from Pinkishe Foundation and a few employees from INNISFREE as well.

With a hope to build on this activity and bring about a change in as many lives as possible, Arun Gupta, the president of the Pinkishe Foundation says, “INNISFREE’s unwavering support towards Pinkishe Foundation’s mission of educating and providing menstrual hygiene solutions to schoolgirls is a testament to their commitment to women’s empowerment. Together, we are breaking down barriers and creating a world where every girl can confidently pursue her dreams without being held back by her biological needs.”

Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director & Head of Marketing, INNISFREE, says, “There is truly no better way to celebrate Women’s Day than to educate young girls and support their feminine health and hygiene. We truly believe that these events and initiatives provide the women of tomorrow with a brighter, holistic future.”

Every step counts, so come and join this endeavor to help support the women of India by donating today. Every contribution makes a difference!

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