India’s prime construction management software company, Powerplay, creates a pet-friendly workspace with pet insurance cover

Powerplay company logo

Bangalore, June 29, 2022: Powerplay, India’s first and leading end-to-end construction management application, has announced a new employee benefit addition that will foster a pet-friendly working environment within the office. The Powerplay workspace would now welcome employees with their pets in the office and provide insurance packages to all pet parents. This innovative stance aligns with the company’s flexible organizational culture. Powerplay will be providing the pet parents in their company with a broad bouquet of benefits in terms of comprehensive insurance coverage worth INR 1.5 lakhs. It includes hospitalization cover for INR 10k, surgery expenses for INR 50k, accidental fracture for INR 5k, OPD expenses for INR 30k, terminal illness for INR 30k, and long-term care for INR 25k.

The virtues of this approach would offer the working space a stress-free, happy, and morale-boosting atmosphere. Taking a new employee empathy direction makes Power Play an ideal office for employees and their pets. Pet therapy is a known way to eliminate work exhaustion, and it will create cordial conversations among colleagues, leading to better working relationships. An amicable mood at work would significantly boost the ability to think, concentrate, and execute better, resulting in increased productivity.

“A pet parent is constantly worried about the well-being of their furry friends while they are at work. At Powerplay, we are inherently different from other organizations when it comes to creating a contented atmosphere and giving our team extra flexibility. When the Powerplay crew brings their pets to the office, they’ll be stress-free, jolly, and highly motivated to work, resulting in higher productivity. We value our association with our team, and with many of them having pets, we understand that their happiness and morale are high when their pets are hale and hearty. Therefore, we’re providing a vast range of pet insurance coverage to put a smile on our team’s faces and to see happy wagging tails.” said Iesh Dixit, CEO & Co-founder of Powerplay.

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