Hype Forays into the Standard Car Rental Segment

Vijaya Belavadi & Raghav Belavadi

Hype, India’s biggest luxury car rental company, is now set to capture the standard car segment. With the launch of its services in Bangalore on April 29th, Hype has extended its services to touch the lives of millions of Indians who prefer standard cars for rentals.

Hype is one of the fastest-growing startups in India. It was founded in 2017 by Raghav Belavadi and co-founded by Vijaya Belavadi. It has its presence in the luxury car rental market in 23 cities across India and in UAE, and the UK.

The standard car rental segment, while being one of the biggest segments and posing a huge opportunity, is also underserved in terms of service quality and comfort. Hype strives to solve this issue by providing standard cars to the masses with its best-in-class service, quality, safety, and hygiene.

Hype is excited to now expand into the standard car rental segment. Even in the standard car segment, Hype will be into rentals with a high level of service quality and for any ride, the cars will have to be scheduled either on Hype’s website or its App prior to the required time. However, with an abundance of cars already available, the supply problem does not exist, and Hype will be able to provide service seamlessly to millions of customers across the country.

To begin with, the launch is being piloted in Bangalore with over 500 standard cars in its fleet, and once Hype sees a positive uptick, and based on the experience and learning, it has the potential and fleet partners to expand to all major cities in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raghav Belavadi, the Founder and CEO, said,” We are super happy to serve this segment as we have a great opportunity to serve more customers with our impeccable service quality. We have access to a very large fleet supply globally and plan to take it one step at a time to progress and deliver”

There are more than 1.5 lakh cars available in the category of commercial standard cars in the market. Hype hopes to rope in these partners both in the EV and regular car segments and will be able to offer a much better quality of service even in this segment, just like in any western country.

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