How Microhost Cloud- a home-grown cloud platform is taking on the global players

Mr. Manoj Dhanda, Founder and CTO

Mr. Manoj Dhanda, Founder and CTO

Attributed to: Mr. Manoj Dhanda, Founder and CTO, Microhost Cloud

Microhost Cloud is a cloud-based solution that enables small businesses and startups to get started quickly and easily without a large upfront investment. Individuals can also benefit from Microhost Cloud by using it for personal projects or storage. Microhost Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so you only ever pay for the resources you use. This makes it an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

The company caters to 9500+ clients which include the likes of Honeywell, Exotel, MyOperator, Yatra, Ajnara among others. Businesses have managed to reduce their operation costs by 50% after switching to Microhost’s cloud services and the company has clocked a 100% growth in its revenue in the past financial year. The company’s revenue was INR 5.26 crore and is expected to grow by 100% in the current fiscal year.

The most significant challenges that businesses face today are the handling of I.T. infrastructure and other critical security issues. MicroHost Cloud focuses on providing a one-stop platform that is entirely focused on providing the best cloud solution based on clients’ diverse requirements.

Cloud computing can let you store large amounts of data generated and drive rapid information processing and make a swift data-driven decision in startups and businesses. Cloud services are flexible and can be scaled up or down as per a business requirement. Cloud has been able to drive collaboration efficiency as it allows teams to come together and work towards the growth of businesses. Cost-effectiveness is one of the major reasons why businesses are swiftly adopting modern cloud setups over traditional techniques. A strong cloud strategy can go a long way in future-proofing SMBs, startups and enterprises.

Microhost Cloud has proved to be invaluable for small businesses and startups who need to get up and running quickly but don’t have the time or resources to invest in building their own infrastructure. It’s also been used successfully by individuals for everything from storing personal files to developing and hosting websites.

The company offers unique features that include Cloud Server, Cloud Firewall, DNS, and load balancers to run fully loaded applications seamlessly. It allows its customers to upscale and down-scale their resources.

The beauty of the platform is that it’s scalable, so you can easily add more resources as your business or project grows. And because you only pay for what you use, it’s an affordable solution for those on a tight budget.

As the world moves to a more hybrid approach, cloud technologies have become the utmost need for small-scale businesses to host their applications onto a cloud server resulting in an increase in the efficiency, scalability, and productivity of a business.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started with cloud computing, then Microhost Cloud is definitely worth considering. It could be just the solution you need to take your business or project to the next level. Microhost through its cloud computing offerings is now driving the digital transformation for SMBs and startups. The company is able to meet customer experiences to meet changing business and market demands.

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