Hoopr.ai launches ‘Originals’, makes it easier for music artists to get discovered

Hoopr.ai launches ‘Originals’, makes it easier for music artists to get discovered

14th November, 2022, Mumbai: Hoopr, a music licensing company, has some great news for aspiring musicians as it will feature artists from diverse backgrounds, professions, and other walks of life through Hoopr Originals. The idea is to help discover undiscovered talent in India.

Hoopr will also provide the artists with an additional chance to unlock revenue through sync. Their original tunes, which will be on Hoopr, will be accessible for users to license and use in their videos, vlogs, and other content. In addition to helping them spread their music globally, the site will also help them get discovered.

Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder, Hoopr, said, ” With Hoopr and Songfest we have worked with numerous celebrities over the past few years such as Shaan, Divya Kumar, Ash king, Monali Thakur, Mame Khan, Shamali Kholgade, and several large influencers too. However, as we have been building Hoopr over the last eight to nine months, we’ve seen incredible depth and diversity in terms of new songwriters, composers, music creators, and producers across India.”

“So, we felt that Hoopr must be a platform that helps project this talent and gets these amazing artists discovered. Hoopr Originals is a platform which will help new artists who are creating tracks for Hoopr get exposure in the industry. These artists are creating songs that encompass many languages and bring with them a unique blend of musical influences. An example of us doing this recently includes the song, ‘Kyun main Kahoon’ by ‘Abhinav Singh.’ Abhinav is a great singer-songwriter, but he also holds an important role in the corporate world. There are many such talented individuals across the country, and we’re excited to produce their music and get it out there.”

In addition to releasing songs by Abhinav Singh, Hoopr has also released songs featuring artistes such as Anirudh Bhola, and Adarsh Shinde, and also paved the way for up-and-coming artistes to collaborate with established names in the industry such as Mame Khan. Furthermore, Hoopr will be releasing songs that feature artists as diverse as Rupinn Pahwa, Shubhangi Tewari, Rishi Pathak, and Fuzzculture in the near future. Dagaonkar adds, “We have worked on creating music videos with Hoopr originals artists and will continue to do so. Additionally, we’re also excited about distributing these tracks worldwide.”

Hoopr is a music licensing platform that provides music which can be used across a wide variety of content – videos and vlogs by individual creators, professional ads, TV series, movies, live game streaming, etc. The Mumbai-based company provides music that has all the appropriate licenses and hence anyone who uses it doesn’t haven’t to worry about royalties, copyright issues, etc. Crucially, this means that using music from Hoopr helps users avoid takedowns and lawsuits.

The platform features a wide variety of music – from contemporary Indian pop to traditional Indian classical, from electronica to music that is unique to the various rich cultures that exist across India. Hoopr subscribers can avail of 25,000 music tracks and 3,000 sound effects from artists across India. The music on Hoopr is also completely exclusive to the platform.

It is noteworthy to mention that many of the films that recently won awards at the India Film Project have taken songs from Hoopr. The artists of these songs got their due credit and recognition, which might not have happened if they weren’t on the platform.

Gaurav Dagaonkar, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, and Meghna Mittal, formerly of Hubilo and Yessworks launched the company in 2021, which raised $1.5 million in its seed round in December 2021

Hoopr is seeing a 100% month on month growth in the number of users since its launch and these users include content creators, filmmakers, enterprises, and brands across India. Some of its users include content creators such as Ashish Vidyarthi and Tanya Khanijow along with brands such as New Jagran Media.

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