Greenlam Industries opens doors to its exclusive showroom for its flagship brands Decowood and Mikasa in Mumbai


Mumbai: Greenlam Industries Ltd. has been enriching interior and exterior spaces for years. Building on this legacy, Luxur Interior Pvt Ltd., Greenlam’s one of the leading dealers has recently inaugurated a new exclusive showroom in Mumbai named ‘LA’ Opulence’ at Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri, Mumbai. Situated in the heart of the city, the display center will offer an interactive experience to the consumers wherein they can touch, feel, and choose from a variety of products displayed from Mikasa Floors, Mikasa Doors and Decowood Veneers product collection.

Greenlam Industries has been known for creating high-quality surface solutions integrated with elegance. The product offerings from all its veneer and allied brands like Mikasa Floors, Mikasa Doors and Decowood Veneers are an ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Their diverse range offers an extensive assortment of textures, durability, designs, and convenience for Greenlam’s customers. This multi-functional, perdurable gamut of products is meant to give Greenlam’s consumers flexibility while designing their living spaces and enhance the creativity of their interiors.

With its vision to offer ‘Gracious Living’ to its consumers, Greenlam’s flagship brand Decowood Veneers offers the largest collection of veneers of over 200+ species with innovative technology such as TD technology that adds depth and sophistication to grain patterns. Its high-density hardwood and plywood provide durability as well as sustainability. On the other hand, Mikasa floors offer a wide range of real wood floors that are available in exquisite textures, colors, and patterns and provide stability in any climatic condition. For the convenience of the consumers, these floors come with a 30-year warranty and are easy to install, remove and re-install. To cater to different artistic needs of today’s consumers Mikasa Floors recently launched their 2022 collection which featured two new collections named as Weathered collection and Arte collection. The collection captures the warm hues of nature in over 24 new products making it a total offering of 46 products with unique colors and designs of nature present in long planks, chevron, herringbone, staircase, and accessories. With floors, Mikasa also offers doors and door sets that are adaptive as they are factory finished, made to fit, and don’t require resizing. These perdurable doors come as a package of complete door solutions as doors, frames, and accessories are shipped from the factory as a fully furnished single door set.

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